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Laboratory Profile: Smithers Group

Smithers Group Services :

Services: Physical-Mechanical Testing of Products Mechanical Rubber Goods, Belts, & Plastic Products Physical-Mechanical Chemical-Analytical Environmental-Fluid conditioning Hose Pressure Vibration Temperature & Humidity Conditioning 3-A Sanitary Standards Testing Vehicle On Road Durability Winter Testing Spin-up Traction and Braking Split Coefficient Courses Custom Surfaces Secured Site Rentals Tires Tire Valves Standard Lab Testing Force & Moment Rolling Resistance Indoor Tread Wear Laser Profilometry Characterization for Modeling Snow & Ice Traction Laboratory Tire Analysis Wheel Competitive Analysis Medical Devices Physical-Mechanical Chemical-Analytical Fittings/Fasteners O-rings Physical-Mechanical Testing of Materials Custom Mixing, milling, & molding Unvulcanized Rubber Properties in Tension & Compression at Various Temperatures Flex & Fatigue Abrasion Resistance Cold Temperature Properties Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Environmental conditioning & exposure Adhesion Hardness & Density Coefficient of Friction Cut & Chip Resistance Additional Plastics Testing Reference Materials Chemical-Analytical Chemical analysis of rubber & plastics Identification of rubber & plastic materials Complete chemical analysis Contaminate identification 3-A Sanitary Testing Standards Leachables & Extractables Polymer molecular weight characterization Conventional GPC analysis Triple detection and GPC viscosity High temperature GPC Microscopy Pharmaceutical Analysis Technology Consulting Product Consulting Finite Element Analysis Feasibility Studies Equipment, product & material specifications Patent Investigation Failure Analysis & Process Trouble Shooting Material Consulting Material Selection Rubber Compound Development Evaluating Recycled Materials Formula Reconstruction Environmental Stress Analysis Chemical Analysis of Polymers & Raw Materials Contaminate Identification Supplier Benchmarking REACH Legislation Processing & Development Custom Mixing & Molding Plastic Processing Rubber Processing Specialist Manufacturing Material Development Process Selection Rheology Information Services

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