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Laboratory Profile: Protagen AG

Protagen AG Services :

ELISA Long lasting experience in development and performance of various ELISA tests. Unique patent protected technology for antibody validation and selection by the UNIchipĀ® protein biochips product family.

1D Gel Electrophoresis Can be performed under reducing and non-reducing conditions. Separation length of up to 30 cm, various staining protocols can be applied.

2D Gel Electrophoresis High resolution protein separation via 2D gels with maximal size of 40 x 30 cm. Various staining protocols can be applied.

Western Blotting Technique can be used in combination with 1D or 2D gel electrophoresis. Antibody selection and validation via unique in-house technology by protein biochips.

HPLC State-of-the-art equipment with method specific accessories, e.g. HPAED detector for glycosylation analysis

Amino Acid Analysis Standard amino acid analysis as well as modified time-resolved analysis for better accuracy of quantification.

Protein Quantification Microtiter plate based quantification technique, fully validated and developed by Protagen AG, with excellent reproducibility and high robustness.

UV-Absorption Measurements at one specific wavelength for scanning or acquisition of multi-wavelength spectra.
Mass Spectrometry (MS) via MALDI-MS/MS or LC-ESI-MS/MS a.) Peptide Map, both Peptide Mass Fingerprint (PMF via MS) and Peptide Fragmentation Fingerprint (PFF via MS/MS) to confirm identity of proteins. Our MS delivers more information of analyzed proteins than the officially recommended test method by HPLC.

b.) N- and C-terminal sequencing for sequence determination of entire proteins from both termini. Especially for efficient sequence determination from the C-terminus, Protagen AG has developed and applies a powerful and robust mass spectrometric technique, using In-Source Decay (ISD).

c.) LC-ESI-MS/MS, especially for complex protein mixtures, hydrophobic proteins and/or in-depth protein analysis.

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