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Laboratory Profile: NSF Pharmalytica

NSF Pharmalytica Services :

FDA GMP Analytical Services, Method Development and Validation, Stability Storage and Testing, Extractables & Leachables, Oligonucleotide and Aptamer Analysis, Raw Material Testing, Clinical Services,Clinical Trial Services Pre-Clinical GLP Testing, Test Article Characterization, Formulation Analysis, Bioanalysis, Pre-Clinical Formulation Development, GLP Services, Physical Properties Determinations, Assay and Impurities, Identification by FTIR, Moisture determination, Residual Solvents, Molecular Weight confirmation by MS, Residue on Ignition, Heavy Metals, Post-Study Stability Analysis, Parent and metabolite ID and Quantitation, Degradation Product / Impurity Profiling and Identification, Metabolic Pathway Elucidation, Drug-Drug Interaction Studies, In-Vitro Metabolism Studies, Assay by HPLC, GC or Titration, Organic Volatile Impurities, Identification by FT-IR, UV-Vis or NMR, Optical Rotation, Metals by ICP, Heavy Metals, Loss on Drying, Moisture by Karl Fischer Titration, Thermal Properties by DSC and TGA, Container and Closure Testing

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