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Laboratory Profile: Microtest, Inc.

Microtest, Inc. Services :

Medical Device Testing, Analytical Chemistry Testing, Pharmaceutical Testing, Virology and Biosafety Testing, USP Purified Water Testing, Particulate Testing, Vial Integrity Testing, Dissolution Testing, Gammas EO Sterilization Testing, Reusable Device Testing, Endotoxin Testing, Sterility Testing, Package Validation Testing, Environmental Testing, USP Assays, Analytical Testing, Dietary Supplement Testing, Cleanroom Testing, Animal Derived Material Testing, Cell bank Characterization Testing, Vaccine Testing, Biologics Testing, Viable and Nonviable testing, Disinfection testing, Microbial ID testing, ISO residuals

ETO, ECH, EGLY residuals analysis ETO, pilot vessel studies

USP water testing

TOC (total organic carbon) pH and conductivity Total chlorine Total nitrates and heavy metals

USP wet chemistry

Heavy metals Nonvolatile residues Residues on ignition Direct titration Nitrates



Cleaning studies


Vial integrity

Validated method

Product assay

HPLC GC FTIR USP methods Medical Device Testing Services

Gamma/ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization validation

Bioburden Bioburden recovery Bacteriostasis/fungistasis Sterility EO residuals Spore strip population


High/low-level disinfection Cleaning studies Steam/EO/chemical sterilization


FDA/USP gel clot Chromogenic Turbidimetric


USP Product immersion Product flush Biological indicator Membrane filtration Microbial ID with Microseq®

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Biocompatibility/toxicology Environmental monitoring Medical Device Package Testing - stability and validation Bacterial & fungal identification services Pharmaceutical Testing Services

ICH stability studies

Sterility testing Product inoculation Membrane filtration SteritestT/SterisolutestT

Radio-labeled product release testing

Sterility testing Endotoxin testing Microbial limits testing

Endotoxin testing

Chromogenic Turbidimetric Inhibition/enhancement

Antimicrobial effectiveness testing

Microbial limits testing Antimicrobial testing Minimum inhibitory concentration testing Particulate testing Product/package stability studies Container closure integrity testing Aseptic fill validations testing

Biologics testing

Mycoplasma screening Mycobacterium screening Bacteriophage/viral screening Protein assays Electrophoresis SDS/PAGE

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Biocompatibility/toxicology Environmental monitoring Package stability and validation Contract manufacturing Water validations Virology testing Bacterial & fungal identification services

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