International Laboratory Directories

Laboratory Profile: Microbiological Environments

Microbiological Environments Services :

Microbiology Testing, Microbiological Environmental Monitoring, Incubation and Analysis of Environmental Monitoring Samples USP <797>Pharmaceutical Compounding -Sterile Preparations USP <1116> Microbiological Evaluations of Clean Rooms ISO 14698 Cleanrooms & Associated Controlled Environments- Biocontamination Control Microbial Identification - Bacterial and Fungal Biochemical Methods BBL Crystal API Systems MLT- Microbial Limit Testing/ Total Microbial Content USP <61> & <62> Microbiological Examination of Non Sterile Products Microbial Enumeration Tests Tests for Specified Microorganisms USP <2021>Microbial Enumeration Tests- Nutritional & Dietary Substances USP <2022>Absence of Specified Microorganisms- Nutritional & Dietary Substances CTFA-M1 Determination of the Microbial Content of Cosmetic Products CFTA-M2 Examination for S.a, E.c. and P.a

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