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Laboratory Profile: EMSL - California

EMSL - California Services :

Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analyzer (EDXA) Phase Contrast Microscope (PCM) Polarized LIght Microscope (PLM) Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) ASTM 2180 : Determining the activity of incorporated antimicrobial agent(s) in polymeric or hydrophobic materials

 ASTM G21: Determining resistance of synthetic polymeric materials to fungi

 ASTM G22 : Determining the resistance of plastics to bacteria

 ASTM 1428: Evaluating the performance of antimicrobials in or on polymeric solids against staining by Streptoverticillium reticulum ( a pink stain organism)

 ASTM C1338: Determining fungi resistance of insulation materials and facings

 ASTM 3273 : Resistance to growth of mold on the surface of interior coatings in an environmental chamber

 AATCC 100: Assessment of antibacterial finishes in textiles

 AATCC 174: Antimicrobial activity assessment on Carpet

 AATCC 30: Antifungal activity assessment on textile materials

 Fungicidal activity of disinfectants

 Bactericidal activity of disinfectants

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