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Clark Testing

1801 Route 51 South

Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania 15025 US

Clark Testing Services:

Analytical Chemistry:  Services XRD - Material identity, qualitative identification and elemental qualitative analysis of metals.  analysis of compounds, percentage of compounds, forms of iron, phases of iron, wet chemistry, titrations, distillations, finish coating on metals and quantitative analysis.  Elemental Composition & Particle Characterization, porosity, particle size, surface area, and density. Inorganic Testing Services  Alloy Analysis, OE/ICP  Coal Ash, XRF  Coating Composition, ICP  Metal Fines on Sheet, ICP  Metal Oxides, XRF/ICP  Metallic Soaps on Sheet, ICP  Metals, OE/ICP/AA  Slag/Refractory/Ore/,XRF  Surface Cleanliness  Ion Chromatography  C, S, O, N by Combustion  Forms of Carbon, LECO  Phase Identification, XRD  Macro Etch  Sulfur Print  Silicon Carbide Organic Testing Services  BETX  HPLC  Oil Film Weight  Total PCBs  Acidity  Alkalinity  Ammonia  Forms of Sulfur  Loss on Ignition  Moisture Determination  Oil Film Weight, Iron Fines & Soaps  Total Suspended Solids  PCA Determination  Percent Solids  pH  Reactivity  Steel Coating Analysis  Total Dissolved Solids  Trace Chlorine

Fuel & Lubrication Testing:
 FZG gear test, 4 ball wear & 4 ball extreme pressure, timken test, viscosity, grease penetration, oxidation testing oil, hydraulic, gear & turbine oil testing, Dynamics Demulsification Evaluation (Morgan Bearing Test).  ASTM Proficiency Testing.   Diesel Fuel Testing: D975.  Water Misting Test  ASTM D-3705. Chemical and physical properties and analysis.  API Gravity  Evaporation Loss  Flash Point  Heat of Combustion  Karl Fisher  Noack Volatility  Oxidation Stability  Sluding and Corrosion Tendencies  Thermal Stability  Cloud Point  Density  Elastometer Compatibility  Fire Point  Foam Test  Magnetic Quenchometer  Sulfur  Rust Preventing Characteristics  Corrosiveness and Oxidation Stability of Highly Refined Oils

Coal & coke quality verification: Ash chemistry  Sulfur  BTU  Oxidation  Rheological analysis  Coal sample blending and preparation  Petrographic analysis  Reactivity and CSR

Mechanical Testing; Hydraulic-Pneumatic Test,  Structural, Fatigue, rotary fatigue & load testing, ROPS/FOPS; power train, gearbox, durability and performance testing. Development & efficiency studies.  Seismic, vibration, shock, environmental aging and EMC/EMI testing.