Laboratory Profile: Aptuit USA

Aptuit USA Services :

At Aptuit we are focussed on guiding our clients through the drug development process, helping them to address their challenges through the application of our innovative science, our talented people and our exceptional services.

We have assembled one of the world's most talented teams, renown for its attention to detail and determination to finding the right solution.

From our strategic global locations, we can offer our clients a seamless range of integrated development solutions from discovery to proof of concept and beyond. Clients can access our full suite of products and services or choose from selected offerings.

We have the expertise, the technology and the know-how to compress timelines maintain quality and reduce the cost of bringing drugs to market on a global scale.

We have earned a global reputation for innovation in our science, and the quality of our work, but above all for the dedication of our talented and experienced people.

Put us to the test, call us now to discuss our service offers which include:

* Discovery Services * Aptuit INDIGOT * API Development and Manufacture * Solid State Chemistry * Preclinical and Clinical Technologies * Pharmaceutical Sciences * Physical and Analytical Chemistry * Clinical Operations * Informatics * Consulting * Project Management