International Laboratory Directories

Laboratory Profile: Alliance Contract Pharma

Alliance Contract Pharma Services :

Analytical Laboratory, Drug Discovery, Proof of Concept, R&D, Clinical and Commercial Manufacturing, Compendia Component Testing, API / Intermediate / Finished Product Method Development, Validation and Release Testing, Stability Program Management, Storage and Testing * Liquid-Filled Hard Shell Capsule Formulations * Powder Capsule Formulations * Over-Encapsulation of Comparators * Semi-solid and Liquid Formulations * Other Services

Analytical Method Development and Validation

Stability Storage and Testing

Quality Control Testing

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Support

Relationship Service Solutions

* Dedicated Space, Fit-out, and/or Equipment * Man-In-The-Plant * On- and Off-site Quality Assurance Services * Supplier Audit * Due-Diligence Audit

Consulting Services

* 70 Years of Combined Experience in Pharmaceuticals with an Emphasis on CMO interactions.

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Harleysville, PA 19438 US