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Absorption Systems

Exton, PA US

Absorption Systems Services:

Preclinical Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical ADME, Toxicology, Transporters, Pharmacokinetics, Bioanalysis, Formulation Assessment, Medical Device Testing

Biliary Secretion in vitro: isolated perfused rat liver Biomimetic Production of Drug Metabolites Biopharmaceutics Classification System (BCS) Biowaivers Bioanalysis: GLP and non-GLP Blood-brain barrier penetration potential: MDR1-MDCK cell monolayers Brain Perfusion in rat or mouse in situ or in vivo Brain-to-Plasma Ratio Determination in rat or mouse Brain Tissue Binding in rat CellPort Technologies cell lines Chemical Stability in biological fluids CYP Induction: human or rat hepatocytes CYP Inhibition in Supersomes or microsomes CYP Phenotyping Cytotoxicity: hepatocytes (human or rat) or other cells Dose Vehicle Development Formulation Assessment General Toxicology GLP Bioanaylsis HERG and other cardiac ion channel inhibition LogP, LogD Determination Metabolic Stability: hepatocytes, intestinal microsomes, intestinal homogenates, liver microsomes, S9 fractions Metabolite Identification: LTQ Orbitrap XL Metabolite Profiling Ocular Permeability in vitro and in vivo Permeability through Caco-2, MDCK, MDR1-MDCK cell monolayers Permeability through excised buccal, dermal, nasal, or vaginal tissue Permeability through excised human or rat intestinal mucosa Permeability through rat intestine using an in situ perfused intestine model P-gp Substrate and Inhibitor Determination Pharmacokinetics: rodents to primates (in-life only or in-life plus bioanalysis) pKa Determination Plasma Protein Binding Preclinical Formulation Assessment Site-specific Absorption Models: ported or cannulated bile duct, portal vein, intestinal segments in dogs, mini-pigs, rodents Solubility UGT Phenotyping UGT Inhibition