Laboratory Description:

International RINP is a FDA registered testing laboratory. RINP provides technical support and testing services to the following industries including natural product, dietary supplement, food and nutritional product, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, environmental and oil and petroleum as well as multiple government agencies world wide.

RINP provides the following testing services:

1. Quality Control:

(1) Chemical or biological marker analysis of raw materials or finished products

(2) Species identification of natural products;

2. Product Support:

(1) Special analytical projects

(2) Botanical product characterization

(3) Botanical identification testing

(4) Establish botanical markers

(5) Independent testing using client protocols

3. Reference Standards

4. Analytical Method Development, Validation, and Transfer Services

5. Pharmaceutical Stability Studies and Testing Services

6. Contaminant Identification

7. Deformulation and Formulation

8. R&D of novel ingredients of natural products:

(1) Isolation active fractions & compounds from natural products

(2) Elucidation chemical structures of natural products

(3) Screening chemical compositions & ingredients of unknown commercial natural products

9. Bioavailability and Pharmacokinetics in Human and Animals

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