Laboratory Description:

The Center For Biomedical Testing provides all the necessary services for new drug development and FDA submission.  Our staff scientists and consultants are highly experienced in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Drug Development, PK/Metabolism, Toxicology and Pharmacology.  CBT analytical and biology laboratories provide integrated services serving the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research and Development community   At the Center for Biomedical Testing, we are committed to serving our clients in the development of their research and discovery programs, from inception to Investigational New Drug (IND) and New Drug Application (NDA) submission.
   We are a contract research organization (CRO) helping you navigate the regulatory approval process and providing a comprehensive range of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliant testing services, including acute, subchronic, chronic, genotoxicity, ADME, PK, development and reproductive toxicity studies. We offer analytical and bioanalytical services for drug development, many models to test diseases (including cancer, diabetes, infection, colitis, diabetes, acute and chronic kidney and liver injury, radiation, etc.) and safety and efficacy testing of new drugs. We recently developed the entire IND programs for 5 new test articles which were accepted by FDA and these test articles are now in the Phase 1-3 clinical trials. We are continuing to support these clinical studies with the non-clinical studies and clinical PK studies.

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