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  • outsource food  laboratories for performing all your food  testing and  analysis such as food shelf-life, stability, nutritional labeling, vitamin analysis, GMO content, allergens, food microbiology, food chemistry, fatty acid profiles, food contamination, metabolic studies, polyphenolics, mercury content, seafood, food packaging testing, migration testing, extraction testing

    Food Testing and Research

    Need to outsource food laboratories to perform food microbiology, nutritional labeling, GMO testing or other food testing ? Or simply want to save time calling multiple food laboratories? Save time and money. Simply, use Contract Laboratory .com 's convenient on-line form to Submit Food Testing Requests in one centralized location at no charge!

    Food Testing and Research g

    Contract Laboratory .com can assist your company, organization, academic institution, or government agency in outsourcing independent, commercial contract food laboratories and contract research organizations (CRO) to do all your routine and non-routine food testing, analysis, experimentation, evaluations, research, studies such as:

    • Food Safety Testing
      • Food Microbial Challenge Testing
      • Food Thermal Death Time (TDT) Testing
    • Food Quality Testing
    • Genetically Modified Organism GMO Testing of Seed,, Grain, Geed and Food
    • Food Nutritional Labeling Testing
    • Food Stability Studies and Expiration Dating Testing
      • Food Accelearated Aging Stability Studies Testing
      • Food Real Time Stability Studies Testing
    • Food Microbiology Testing
      • food microbial aerobic plate count testing
      • food microbial anaerobic plate count testing
      • food microbial culture identification testing
      • food microbial fecal coliforms testing
      • food gram staining testing
      • food microbial heat resistant mold testing
      • food microbial lactic acid bacteria testing
      • food microbial pathogen screening testing
      • food escherichia coli testing
      • food total coliforms testing
      • food listeria monocytogenes testing
      • food microbial salmonella testing
      • food microbial shigella testing
      • food microbial lactobacillus testing
      • food microbial pseudomonas aeruginosa testing
      • food microbial staphylococcus aureus testing
      • food yeast and mold testing
      • food microbial bacillus cereus testing
    • Food Chemistry Testing
    • Food Vitamins Testing
      • Beta Carotene Testing ( Vitamin A Testing )
      • Ascorbic Acid Testing ( VItamin C Testing )
      • Vitamin E Testing
      • Vitamin B Testing
    • Food Minerals and Heavy Metals Testing
      • Zinc Testing
      • Iron Testing
      • Aluminum Testing
      • Arsenic Testing
      • Calcium Testing
      • Chromium Testing
      • Lead Testing
      • Copper Testing
      • Potassium Testing
      • Sodium Testing
      • Zinc Testing
    • Food Amino Acids Profiles Testing
      • Alanine Testing
      • Arginine Testing
      • Aspartic Acid Testing
      • Glycine Testing
      • Histidine Testing
      • Leucine Testing
      • Lysine Testing
      • Proline Testing
      • Serine Testing
      • Tryptophan Testing
      • Tyrosine Testing
      • Valine Testing
    • Food Fats, Oils Testing
    • Food Enzymatic Testing
    • Food Fatty Acids, Fatty Acid Profiles Testing
    • Food Calories Testing
    • Food Water Activity Testing
    • Food Antibiotic drug-residue contamination testing
    • Food Sensory Evaluations
    • Food FDA Compliance Testing
    • Food Acid Insoluble Ash Testing
    • Food Caffeine Testing
    • Food Ash Testing
    • Food % Fat Testing
    • Food Headspace Volume Measurement Testing
    • QC Food Ingredients Testing
    • Food Headspace Gases Testing
    • Food Lycopene Testing
    • Food Moisture Testing
    • Food Nitrogen Testing
    • Food Net Weight of Product Testing
    • Food Organic Acid Profile Testing
    • Food Turbidity Testing
    • Food % Salt Testing
    • Food Generally Recognized as Safe Testing (GRAS Testing)
    • Food Additives Testing
    • Food Colorants Testing
    • Food Dyes Testing
      • Sudan Red Food Dyes 1-4 Testing
      • Yellow Number 5 Dye Testing
    • Food Sulfites Testing
    • Food Fragrances Testing
    • Food and Beverage Alcohol Content Testing
    • Food Anti-oxidants Testing
    • Food Grains, Oilseeds Testing
    • Food Total Dietary Fat Testing
    • Food Pesticides Residue Testing
    • Food Mercury content testing
    • Food Metabolic Studies Testing
    • Food Aflatoxins and Myclotoxins Testing
    • Food Polyphenolics Testing
    • Food Antibiotic Drug-Residue Contamination Testing
    • Food Allergens testing
    • Food GMO content Testing
    • Food Contamination Testing
    • Food Carbohydrate Testing
    • Food Glycemic Index Testing
    • Food Toxin Testing
    • Food Off-flavors Testing
    • Food Off-odors Testing
    • Food Thermal and non-thermal process efficacy Testing
    • Food Baking Trials Testing
    • Food Additives Testing
    • Food Preservative Efficacy Testing
    • Food Aseptic Process Validation Testing
    • Beverage Assays Testing
    • Food Agricultural Residues Testing
    • Juice Profiles Testing
    • Wine Testing
      • Wine Sulfide Testing
      • Wine Oak Aroma Testing
      • Wine Phenolics Testing
      • Wine Antioxidant Testing
      • Wine Alcoholic Content Testing
      • Wine Yeast Viability Testing
      • Wine Acidity Testing
      • Wine Sediments and Particulates Testing
      • Wine Turbidity Testing
      • Wine Sensory Analysis Testing
      • Wine Tartaric Acid Testing
      • Wine pH Testing
      • Wine Reducing sugar testing
      • Wine Total Volume Testing
      • Wine Color Testing
    • Milk and Dairy Testing
      • Raw Milk Quality Testing
      • Butterfat % Content Testing
      • Milkfat % Content Testing
      • Lactose Testing
      • Calcium Testing
      • Dairy Test Methods Testing
      • Solubility Index Testing
      • Milk Sediment Testing
      • Total Milk Solids Testing
      • Milk Vitamins Testing
      • Dairy Test Methods Testing
    • Meat and Poultry Testing
      • BSE Testing
      • Chemical Residues Testing
      • Vitamins Testing
      • Nutrients Testing
      • Nutritional Labeling Testing
    • Micronutrients Testing
    • Cause of Spoilage Investigations
    • Failure Investigations Testing
    • Protein Content Testing
    • Milkfat Content Testing
    • Free Acid Testing
    • Heavy Metals Testing
    • Extraneous Materials Testing
    • Thermophiles Testing
    • Deformulation
    • Formulation
    • Food Packaging
      • Migration Testing for Food Contact Surfaces (polymers, adhesives, metals, lubricants, colorants, plastics, papers)
      • Food Packaging Extractables Testing
      • Food Packaging Leachables Testing
      • Seam Integrity Testing
      • Seam Measurement
      • Leak Testing
      • Vacuum
      • Baseweight Testing
      • Headspace
      • Tin Coating Weight Testing
      • Shelf-Life Determination

    Contract Laboratory .com can assist your food company, farm, orchard, grove, manufacturer, distributor, processor, ranch, academic institution, government agency or organization in outsourcing contract laboratories and contract research organizations to perform food microbiology, food chemistry, food science and nutritional experimentation, analysis, testing, and research on all your ingredients, components, in-process materials, food packaging materials and food finished products such as milk, eggs, pastry, dairy, meat, poultry, baked goods, bakery products, bread, drinking water, bottled water, infant formula, beverages, pizza, fruit juices, vegetable juices, eggs and egg products, frozen prepared meals, yeast, mineral water, yougart, salt, low-acid canned foods, shrimp, lobster, canned vegetables, rice, carrots, fish, shellfish, chili, soup, packaged salad, lettuce, cake, sour cream, chips, crackers, tortilla, pita, sauces, gravy, cheese, frozen desserts, coffeee, tea, berries, chicken, unpasteurized milk, pasteurized milk, beef, tofu, dried apricots, nuts, frozen dinners, butter, frozen food, pasta, tomato sauce, ice cream, pickled food, prepared foods, condiments, salsa, ketchup, chutney, olive oil, marmalade, tapenade, baby teething biscuits, candy bars, nutritional bars, sports bars, sugar free, sports drinks, caffeine free, pudding, frosting, cake decorations, clams, crabs, tuna, vegetable dips, broth, rice cakes, appetizers, oysters, ham, pork, salad dressing, dried fruit, dehydrated food, hard candy, pickles, cocoa, relishes, jam, chili sauce, hot sauce, ketchup, barbeque sauce, carbohydrate free, low carbohydrate, herbs, parsley, onions, scallions, spaghetti sauce, sushi, potato, oils, cake mixes, candy, processed fruit juices, chocolate, gum, peppermint, food extracts, spices, food additives, cold cuts, food preservatives, food coloring, food additives, honey, creamers, frozen vegetables, smoked food, smoked salmon, mayonaise, biscuits, canned fish, soda, diet sodas, vegetarian foods, low salt foods, low fat foods, gluten free foods, canned meats, jelly beans, lollipops, snack foods, breakfast foods, cream, cottage cheese, roasted peanuts, acidified foods, food containers, sesame seeds, cinnamon, vanilla, pate, anchovies, sun dried tomatoes, frozen desserts, frozen dinners, frozen meals, peppers, olives, nuts, cream cheese, margarine, salt substitutes, diet foods, spreads, peanut butter, caramel, molasses, mints, gel snacks, juice boxes, organic foods, natural foods, organic fruits, organic vegetables, fortified cereal, baby food, baby cereal, nutritional meal replacements, peanut products, sweetners and syrups, buttermilk, dry whey, seasonings, indirect food additives, food substances, food dressings and flavorings, cereals, apple sauce, flour, cookies, syrup, sandwiches, kosher foods, orange juice, glazes, noodles, marinade, canned fruits, produce, macaroni and noodle products, whipped toppings, jellies, muffins, cantaloupe, pineapple, mushrooms, raisins, diet drinks, diet shakes, soy milk, pie, preserves, pet food, pet treats, cat food, dog food, canned vegetables, alcoholic beverages, champagne, liquer, rum, vodka, gin, wine, lager, beer, jelly candy, food containers (earthenware, ceramics), bowls, pans, pots, woks, cups, dishes, glasses, non-stick sprays, cooking utensils, cooking surfaces, cutting boards, knives, baking equipment, and food packaging materials, styrofoam, plastic wraps, aluminum foil, wax paper, etc.

    Contract Laboratory .com can assist your food manufacturer, processor, farm, ranch, orchard, grove, distributor, academic institution, government agency or organization in outsourcing contract food microbiology, food chemistry, and food science laboratories and contract research organizations to perform routine and non-routine food and nutritional testing, experimentation, research projects, development studies, or analysis in many areas such as the USA, New Jersey, New York, Washington, California, Napa Valley, Florida, Oregon, Toronto, British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, Madrid, Spain, Paris, Bordeaux, France, Germany, England, Texas, Illinois, Chicago, Georgia, European Union, Ireland, South America, Caribbean, Hawaii, Africa, South Africa, Middle East, Asia, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong-Kong, Australia, New Zealand, China, Middle East, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Pacific Rim, Africa, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, Malaysia, Eastern Europe, Hungary, Mexico, etc.

    Need to outsource Food Laboratories with specific requirements ? Contract Laboratory .com 's convenient on-line Food LTesting Requests form allows you to specify requirements for ytesting your food and beverage products. Some Food elated certifications, licenses, or accreditations or methodologies are: GMP, GLP, FDA, NF, Food Codex, USDA, UKAS, A2LA, AOAC, NZFSA, ASM, HAACP, CAEL, NELA, DSHEA, NCMIS, IDFA, NIST, etc.

    Or outsource other Contract Laboratories to perform other research, testing, experiments, surveys, certifications, analysis, assays, inspections, investigations, engineering, product design, reverse engineering, sampling, monitoring, or studies in such areas as:


    Fulfill all your laboratory testing needs! Save time searching and outsource the laboratories to perform your laboratory research and development, inspections, certifications and analysis at no charge!

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          testing, r&d, certifications, experiments, inspections, evaluations, QC release, arrays, analysis, bioanalysis, assays, sampling, monitoring, reverse engineering, surveys,
          investigations, formulations, synthesis, cultures, imaging, examinations, technology transfer, product design, product development, engineering, failure analysis


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