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Laboratory Outsourcing Network. Lab Outsourcing. Scientific Sourcing. Contract Laboratory Testing Services for lab product testing, quality control testing, raw material testing, product, scientific research and dvelopment, certification, assays, inspections

Laboratory Testing and Analysis, Scientific Research and Development, Engineering, Certifications and Inspections

Need Independent Contract Testing and Research Laboratories? Contract Laboratory .com facilitates and centralizes Lab Outsourcing and Scientific Sourcing such as Laboratory Testing, Scientific Research and Development Studies, Experiments, or Assays, Quality Control Testing, Raw Material Testing, Finished Product Testing, Product and Process Development, Technology Transfer, Failure Analysis, Consumer Panels, Comparison Studies, Microscopy and Imaging, Reverse Engineering, Prototype Development, Field Examinations, Simulation, Surveys, Inspection, and Certification.

Contract Research and Testing Services in industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Clinical Trials, Occupational Health, Nutraceuticals, Automotive Motor Vehicles, Botany & Horticulture Environment & Ecology, Oil, Petroleum & Gas, Cosmetics & Skincare, Gems & Jewelry, Wine, Beer & Liquor, Arts & Crafts, Plastics & Polymers, Aerospace, Mining & Metals, Alternative Energy & Biofuels, Construction & Building, Textiles & Fabrics, Toys & Children's Products, Power, Energy & Utilities, Animal Health, Wood, Paper & Pulp, Advanced Materials, Shipping and Transportation, Electronics, Telecommunications, Fashion, Apparel & Footwear, Engineering, Consumer Products, Organic, Green and Natural Products, Packaging, Agriculture, Farming & Feed, and Chemical Industries among many others.

Need to outsource your laboratory testing and scientific research? Contract Laboratory .com can help with all your lab outsouring and scientific Sourcing needs. Our Extensive Network of Laboratories is international and includes hard to find and specialty corporate, academic and government laboratories that provide outsourced testing and scientific research around the world. Laboratories are in the USA, United Kingdom, China, European Union, India, Middle East, Africa, Australia and South America, etc.

Ten Most Recent Registered Laboratories and Laboratory Suppliers

MVA Scientific Consultants - Nanomaterial Characterization: 
Size, morphology, dispersion & homogeneity analysis,
Analysis of consumer products for nanomaterials, Identification of nanomaterials,
Raman analysis of nanomaterials,
Contaminant analysis,
Workplace nanoparticle exposure monitoring,

Environmental Forensics & Industrial Hygiene Testing:
Particle characterization,
Dust characterization,
Carbon black analysis,
Fly ash characterization,
Darkening agents identification,
Soot analysis,
Asbestos analysis & exposure,
Unknown material analysis,
Contamination analysis,
Source Determination

Investigative Analysis:
Product failure analysis,
Product defect analysis,
Coating analysis,
Corrosion analysis,
Surface profile characterization,
Polymer characterization,
Wear debris analysis,
Adhesion and de-lamination analysis,
Contaminant testing,
Materials characterization,
High resolution SEM & TEM imaging

Pharmaceutical Testing:
Foreign particulate identification,
Particle size distribution determination,
Particle shape analysis,
Drug polymorph characterization,
Drug morphology studies,
API/excipient distribution mapping,
High resolution SEM imaging,
Nonconformance analysis,
Root cause analysis,
Elemental mapping


FTIR spectroscopy,
Raman spectroscopy,
Raman chemical imaging,
Scanning electron microscopy,
Transmission electron microscopy,
Energy dispersive x-ray spectrometry,
Fluorescence microscopy,
Optical microscopy,
Scanning white light interference microscopy,
Ion milling and microtomy,
Polarized light microscopy
MVA Scientific Consultants
Triclinic Labs - cGMP Pharmaceutical Development 
Fine Chemical Development 
Physical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Solid State Chemistry Development, Materials Characterization, Method Development, Validation Transfer, Contaminant Characterization
Polymorph Screening
Salt Screening and Selection
Cocrystal Screening and Selection
Amorphous Material Developemnt
Crystallization Method Development
cGMP Release Testing
Particle Size Analysis
Optical Microscopy
Karl Fisher
Tablet Hardness, Compaction, Others
Powder Characterization
Triclinic Labs
Ceutical Labs - Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Cosmetics ad Food In Process Testing, Finished Product Testing, Finished Product Testing, Raw Material Testing, Stability Testing, Post Sterilization Testing, Ethylene Oxide Testing, Product Degradation Studies, Product Aging Studies, Validation support, Verification testing, Product Development, Medical Device Testing, Pharmaceutical Testing, Nutraceutical Testing, Pet Product Testing, Cosmetic Testing, FDA Testing, USP Testing, Validation Testing, API Testing, Packaging Testing, Design Development, Formulation Testing, Quality Control Testing, Clinic and Scientific Studies,
Ceutical Labs
Microbiology & Quality Associates, Inc. - Microbial Testing, Pharmaceutical Microbiology Testing, Biotech Microbiology Testing, Environmental Monitoring, Microbiology Methods Validation testing, Cleaning validation testing, virology testing, cytotoxicity studies, virus & bacterial disinfectant studies, small scale cell culture services, PCR, mycoplasma testing, surface swabs for virus, DNA residue and bacterial, and water chemical testing services. Facility, equipment, cleaning and method validation services.  Equipment and instrument calibration and repair services.
Microbiology & Quality Associates, Inc.
Interfield Laboratories - Food Testing, Feed Testing, Drugs Testing, Environmental Testing,  Water Testing, GMO Analysis, Contaminant Analysis, Nutritional Facts Testing,
Interfield Laboratories

Experior Laboratories - Somes tests that Experior Laboratories performs are Environmental Testing, Environmental Simulation Testing, IEC Testing, Electrical Testing, Telecommunication Testing, Military Testing, Fiber Optic Testing, EN Testing, SAE Testing, Fire and Flammability Testing, Mechanical Shock Testing, Salt Spray Testing, Thermal Shock Testing, Tensile Testing, Vibration Testing, Lifecycle Testing, Immersion Testing, Humidity Testing, Transport Testing
Experior Laboratories
Whitehouse Analytical Laboratories, LLC - Pharmaceutical Container Testing, Medical Gas Testing, Raw Material Testing, Package Ship Testing, Label Adhesion Studies, Container Testing & Package Inspection, Monograph Testing & General Chemistry, USP / EP Gas Testing, Vacuum Decay Leak Testing, Package Ship Testing, Stability & Storage Programs, Instron Method Development & Testing 
Label Adhesion Studies, Container Closure Integrity Testing
ISTA Package Testing includes:
?Fixed displacement (30mm) vibration testing 
?Package Drop testing 
?Dead Weight Compression testing
Container types routinely tested include: 

?HDPE & LDPE, Polypropylene 
?Glass Bottles, Vials and Syringes (Types I, II, III, NP) 
?Plastic & Laminate Pouches 
?Single Unit Dose and Unit Dose Blister Cards 
?Elastomeric Closures

Container test procedures include USP, EP and JP.  Common USP chapters are as follows: 

?USP <661> Containers, plastics 
?USP <671> Containers Performance Testing 
?USP <381> Elastomeric Closures for injections 
?Quality Control Visual and Dimensional Inspections

Microbiological container testing (USP <87> and USP <88>) is available through Whitehouse Labs' approved vendors.
Whitehouse Analytical Laboratories, LLC
Bio-Boston Contract Laboratories - In Vivo disease models: Middle cerebral artery occlusion, Spinal cord ischemia model, Spinal cord trauma model, Parkinson's disease model, Alzheimers disease model, Coronary artery ischemia model, Whole body systemic arrest model, Cardiac arrest model, Hemorrhagic shock model, Lengendorff isolated heart perfusion model, Tumor Models, EEG, EKG, Blood Pressure, Intracranial pressure monitor) 

Cell culture based assay: Primary rat cerebrocortical neuron culture, human neuronal culture, cardiac muscle cell culture and various cell lines culture. MTT, ATP, TTC Cell Viability test. 

Custom Peptide Synthesis, HPLC analysis and Purification, Mass Spectrometry Analysis. LAL Endotoxin Testing.
Bio-Boston Contract Laboratories
Underwriter's Laboratory UL LLC , Life & Health Sciences - UL Clinical Testing and Preclinical Testing
Underwriter's Laboratory UL LLC , Life & Health Sciences
UL India Pvt Ltd - UL Certification, Electronics Testing EMC Testing, Automotive Testing, Compliance Testing, Components Testing, Appliance Testing, Life Safety Testing, Fire Suppression Testing, Jewelry and Watch Testing, Lighting Testing, Wireless Testing, Toy Testing, Building Materials Testing
UL India Pvt Ltd

    From Scientists conducting cutting edge Research Studies that need specialized assays to Manufacturer's in-house Quality Control Laboratories having laboratory instruments out for repair to simply saving money in performing finished product testing overseas and not having internal laboratories, there are many reasons for outsourcing your Testing and Research. In facilitating over 80,000 Laboratory Requests, certainly has worked with every situation including time sensitive URGENT Requests requiring Laboratories within hours around the world. Below are our most Recent incoming Test Requests:
    • California electrical laboratory needed for IEC Testing: IEC/EN 60747-5-5Optocoupler testing for Approval for Reinforced Insulation (view more) ....
    • Asia materials laboratory needed for solar reflectance testing of manufactured a product which is used for Weather Proofing. (view more) ....
    • USA FDA cGMP Packaging Laboratory needed for FDA consumer product packaging testing of Child Proof and shelf life seal (view more) ....
    • US ISO ad FDA GMP Molecular Biology Laboratory needed for in-vitro diagnostic IVD product development feasibility and development work. Expect project to take less than 6 months. Tight timeline. Need to work direction of Group Lead at our company. (view more) ....
    • USA Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for drinking water testing: Initial & Quarterly Coliform sample collection and testing from water collection at water vending machines located inside of grocery stores (view more) ....

    Contract Laboratory .com is more than laboratory outsourcing for testing and scientific research. While we started in these areas, our success in facilitating outsourcing in these areas lead to laboratories outsourcing services for their laboratory. From helping growing laboratories with their laboratory expansions and renovations to assisting contract, in-house and research laboratories in finding contract manufacturers for new reagents and cell lines. Below are our most recent incoming Laboratory Service Requests:
    • Maryland laboratory needs service provider for Preventative maintenance and calibration Steris VHP 1000ED" (view more) ....
    • Laboratory Architecture and Design company needed to build a inorganic syntheses lab as per Health Canada and FDA GMP specification with 8-10 fume hoods , and all related tables , eye wash stations , shower cubicles, in Toronto. " (view more) ....
    • Long term contract laboratory maintenance technicians needed for a Fortune 500 company in Africa. Contractor will be expected to visit client site as per agreement to ensure equipment functionality. Client will handle transportation, accommodation and security. Very attractive pay package and premium for qualified technicians." (view more) ....
    • India Quality Consultant needed for Quality Systems Consulting. (view more) ....
    • "Large multinational firm's in-house technology laboratory needs India ISO 17-25 contract service provider for calibration of Dielectric with stand tester for the 50Hz/60HZ parameter for the AC 5KV. "" (view more) ....

    • Diagnostic Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of used laboratory benches & laboratorycabinets (view more) ....
    • Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of laboratory sample collection supplies to analyse gas hydrocarbon substances. (view more) ....
    • "Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of MECHATEST portable sampling solution.we want to know these product your company suppling or not.If yes what its price per unit. thanks & regards " (view more) ....
    • "Louisiana Laboratory need laboratory supplier of lab equipment: complete system for ASTM D2300 gassing tendency testing. We are looking to purchase asap. "" (view more) ....
    • "Laboratory Investment / Partnership t set-up testing and calibration laboratories in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have expertise how to run and setup labs. We are searching some investment partners"" (view more) ....
    • "Small licensed laboratory. Accounts not important. Equipment not important. " (view more) ....
    • "We are looking for small PCR testing lab in South Florida area." (view more) ....
    • "Individual interested to setup laboratory (contract research , outsourced research/Partnership )in Middle east/India/China. (view more) ....

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