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Laboratory Testing and Analysis, Scientific Research and Development, Engineering, Certifications and Inspections

Need Independent Contract Testing and Research Laboratories? Contract Laboratory .com facilitates and centralizes Lab Outsourcing and Scientific Sourcing such as Laboratory Testing, Scientific Research and Development Studies, Experiments, or Assays, Quality Control Testing, Raw Material Testing, Finished Product Testing, Product and Process Development, Technology Transfer, Failure Analysis, Consumer Panels, Comparison Studies, Microscopy and Imaging, Reverse Engineering, Prototype Development, Field Examinations, Simulation, Surveys, Inspection, and Certification.

Contract Research and Testing Services in industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Clinical Trials, Occupational Health, Nutraceuticals, Automotive Motor Vehicles, Botany & Horticulture Environment & Ecology, Oil, Petroleum & Gas, Cosmetics & Skincare, Gems & Jewelry, Wine, Beer & Liquor, Arts & Crafts, Plastics & Polymers, Aerospace, Mining & Metals, Alternative Energy & Biofuels, Construction & Building, Textiles & Fabrics, Toys & Children's Products, Power, Energy & Utilities, Animal Health, Wood, Paper & Pulp, Advanced Materials, Shipping and Transportation, Electronics, Telecommunications, Fashion, Apparel & Footwear, Engineering, Consumer Products, Organic, Green and Natural Products, Packaging, Agriculture, Farming & Feed, and Chemical Industries among many others.

Need to outsource your laboratory testing and scientific research? Contract Laboratory .com can help with all your lab outsouring and scientific Sourcing needs. Our Extensive Network of Laboratories is international and includes hard to find and specialty corporate, academic and government laboratories that provide outsourced testing and scientific research around the world. Laboratories are in the USA, United Kingdom, China, European Union, India, Middle East, Africa, Australia and South America, etc.

Ten Most Recent Registered Laboratories and Laboratory Suppliers

RJ Lee Group - Construction Materials,  Criminal Forensics, Energy & Utilities, Engineering, Government, Hospitals, Legal,     Medical Device, Metals & Alloys, Microelectronics, Mining & Minerals, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Specialty Chemicals & Coatings
RJ Lee Group
Lucideon - We have a wide range of analytical capabilities including:
Chemical, Creep/Stress, Environmental, Failure analysis, High Temperature, Image Analysis, Mechanical, Microbiological, Microstructural, Mineralogical, Petrographic, Pharmaceutical, Physical, Surface Analysis, Thermal.
IPS Therapeutique - - hERG Inhibition Assay and various other ionic current, 
- Action potential duration (APD),Transmural dispersion of repolarization (TDR) 
- Isolated organ perfusion, Electro-Contractile (EC) coupling
- Anaesthetized animal monitoring, 
- Acute toxicity Our in vivo animal models include:
 Induced pulmonary and / or systemic arterial hypertension (rats) 
 Induced (overpacing) heart failure (dogs and rats) 
 Acute and chronic ischemic remodelling (rats, rabbits and dogs) 
 Thrombosis / coagulation measurements (rats / rabbits)
IPS Therapeutique
Inovatia Laboratories LLC - Inovatia has been instrumental in advancing the development of a number of client technologies, including industrial processes, chemical and consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and environmental monitoring technologies. In addition, the firm has been successful at leveraging research funding to advance technologies emanating from its own research activities. This has resulted in the development of a significant technology portfolio (see Technology Development). Inovatia's scientists are dedicated to the process of discovery and are focused on gaining a knowledge and understanding of the events, behaviors, theories, or laws that may be translated to real-world applications. This systematic process of inquiry has been applied to both basic and applied research.

Basic Research
Basic research is exploratory in nature. It is purely focused on the advancement of knowledge and, while it may produce a result that points to an application, it is often conducted with no specific result in mind. Inovatia has experience in experimental design to advance knowledge at this basic level. Further, the company's scientists approach each project with the intent of building a secure foundation for applied research activities that may one day lead to marketable products, processes, or materials.

Applied Research
The primary aim of applied research is not to gain knowledge for its own sake but to produce specific results that are often predetermined. New processes, methods, or materials are designed, researched, and validated to meet a specific technological requirement and/or market. Common areas of applied research include electronics, informatics, material science, process engineering, and drug design. The scientists at Inovatia have earned a reputation for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to problems presented by its clientele. Applications in synthetic chemistry have resulted in new materials and molecules for neurobiology, drug delivery, imaging, immunoassay, disinfection/infection control, sterility maintenance, and protection against threats from chemical and biological warfare agents. New or unresolved analytical challenges have been met through the integration of automated and classical methods.
Inovatia Laboratories LLC
Forensic Analytical Laboratories Inc. - Forensics Science Testing, Microbiology Testing,  Waste Characterization, Litigation Support,  Project Data Review and Consultation, Failure Analysis, Industrial Control Problem Consultation, Packaged Goods Content Verificatiom, Product Testing, Perimeter Monitoring,  Simulation Studies (Asbestos, Metals, Organics, Particulate, etc.),  Analytical Method Development, Environmental Compliance Outside of Standard Protocols, Sampling Apparatus Design and Fabrication, Project Management and Facilitation, Nanocomponent Evaluation, Project Publication Support, White Paper Studies, Onsite Laboratory for Natural Disasters or Remote Analysis, Food Microbiology (Bacteria, Fungi, Endotoxin, etc.), Drinking Water and Recreational Water Analyses, Biocontaminant and Biopollutant Chamber Studies,  TEM CARB 435 Preparation, TEM Qualitative Analysis
Forensic Analytical Laboratories Inc.
LabChemS Corp -
LabChemS Corp
Buffalo BioLabs - Buffalo BioLabs personnel have experience in all aspects of drug development from drug discovery and mechanistic analysis (e.g., development of readout systems, screening of chemical libraries, validation of hits, exploration of drug combinations) to pre-clinical animal studies (such as determination of MTD, in vivo proof of principle efficacy, optimal treatment regimens and effects in combination studies) and IND filing.

Preclinical Efficacy Studies
Drug Preparation and Characterization
Preparation of Cell Lines

In Vivo Operations (Rodent Models)
Monitoring and data analysis:
.Evaluation of mechanisms of action and biomarker
Accompanying toxicology/pharmacology

Established Animal Models
Subcutaneous (sc) xenografts of human cancer cell lines in athymic nude/SCID mice
Lung cancer 
Hepatocellular carcinoma 
Head and neck cancer 
Colorectal cancer 
Renal cell carcinoma 
Prostate cancer 
Breast cancer 
Childhood cancer

Orthotopic Xenograft Models in Mice
Mammary fat pad 

Syngeneic Models in Mice
Breast cancer 
Hematological Melanoma Colon cancer 
Lung cancer 
Renal cancer 
Bladder cancer 
Ovarian cancer 
Head and neck cancer 

Patient-derived tumors in SCID mice

NSCLC, adenocarcinoma and squamous cell 
Esophageal cancer, adenocarcinoma and SCC 
Adenocarcinoma of the pancreas 
Colon adenocarcinomas, primary and metastatic 
Renal cell carcinoma
Head & neck cancer
Ovarian cancer

Transgenic Mouse Models

Rat Models
Liver hepatoma 
Bladder cancer 
Colon cancer
Buffalo BioLabs
Constellation Technology Corporation - Chemical, Mechanical, Metallurgical Analysis,
Using a wide variety of analytical instrumentation, our staff can analyze your materials to verify the material's quality assurance documentation provided by your supplier.  Some examples of testing are: chemical composition, thermal properties, densities, surface characteristics, and other analytical characteristics.  This QA testing will also allow you to qualify new vendors and materials, resulting in the possibility of major cost savings.
Constellation provides mechanical analysis services mechanical testing, failure analysis, metallurgy testing, dye penetrant, and magnetic particle testing.
Constellation provides non destructive testing services including both film and real-time X-ray analysis and ultrasonic testing.
Constellation Technology Corporation
East Tennessee Clinical Research, Inc. -
East Tennessee Clinical Research, Inc.
SeQuent Research Limited - Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, Formulations, Analytical Services
SeQuent Research Limited

    From Scientists conducting cutting edge Research Studies that need specialized assays to Manufacturer's in-house Quality Control Laboratories having laboratory instruments out for repair to simply saving money in performing finished product testing overseas and not having internal laboratories, there are many reasons for outsourcing your Testing and Research. In facilitating over 80,000 Laboratory Requests, certainly has worked with every situation including time sensitive URGENT Requests requiring Laboratories within hours around the world. Below are our most Recent incoming Test Requests:
    • USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for GC-MS Testing for triacontanol concentrations in liquid culture. (view more) ....
    • Pharmaceutical production faciity needs USA Microbiology Laboratory for ongoing production ater testing: Receive and test water samples for LAL (endotoxins), coliform, possibly other bacteria. Continuous need, ongoing, for Pharma clean room production facility." (view more) ....
    • Tristate / New England USA oil laboratory needed for gasoline testing for : gasoline octane, ethanol and water content (view more) ....
    • East Coast USA Food Laboratory needed for FDA Food Contact Surface Testing to FDA 21CFR 177.2600 Repeated food contact extractable testing (view more) ....
    • Asia analytical chemistry laboratory needed for soap testing: Soap base analysis: Composition, % ? Palm Oil + Palm Stearin : 80 Palm Kermel Oil : 20 Free Alkali, as NaOH, % ? 0.01% Max Moisture, % ? 14% Max Chlorides, as NaCl % ? 0.8 Max Total fatty matter, % ? 78.0 Min Chelating Agent, % ? TETRASODIUM EDTA : 0.0156 Odor : characteristic, similar standard Optical Brightness : Absent chromatography, humidity, all using AOCS standards. 2. Glycerine analysis. Physical and chemical parameters such as appearance, solubility, concentration, specific gravity, IR identification, chromatography, color, ignition residuals, water, chlorides, sulphide, heavy metals, chlorinate compounds, fatty acids, esters, diethylene glycol, ethylene glycol, purity, chloroform, dioxane, dichloromethane, trichloroethylene, using USP standards. 3. amenities analysis: physical attributes, physical and chemical parameters such as: anionic surfactants, volume, anti bacterial active ingredient, staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli,pseudomonas aeruginosa, candida albicans, and so forth. We need to execute about 20 tests each month, sampling based on MIL-STD 105 D. I would like to know if you are able to provide such testing service, if so we can discuss further details and I would like to quote your services. (view more) ....

    Contract Laboratory .com is more than laboratory outsourcing for testing and scientific research. While we started in these areas, our success in facilitating outsourcing in these areas lead to laboratories outsourcing services for their laboratory. From helping growing laboratories with their laboratory expansions and renovations to assisting contract, in-house and research laboratories in finding contract manufacturers for new reagents and cell lines. Below are our most recent incoming Laboratory Service Requests:
    • Large chemical manufacturer needs USA contractor needed for repair Waters GPCV 2000 high temperature chromatograph. A yearly service contract could be signed." (view more) ....
    • Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer needed for Autoclave killing of live attenuated bacteria in active drug substance."" (view more) ....
    • New Jersey Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for laboratory renovation: Repaint cabinets and replace counter tops/ work benches." (view more) ....
    • "Southern USA laboratory service company needed to provide preventative maintenance to Leica Peloris II Tissue Processor"" (view more) ....
    • Contract Sterilizer needed for gamma ray sterilization service for 500kg of clay (humidity of 35%). (view more) ....

    • Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of Perkin Elmer Flexar 200 HPLC Autosampler Repair and /or Parts." (view more) ....
    • Pathology laboratory needs Laboratory Supplier of Laboratory Diagnostic Test Kits: Pathological kit specially in RIA ( Thyriod , PSA. Vit B 12, ANA , Vit D3 for ELISHA READER " (view more) ....
    • Phlebotomy Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of laboratory clinical diagnostic test kits: RIA KIT FOR THYROID , PSA VIT.B12 VIT D ETC. (view more) ....
    • Laboratory Supplier needed for laboratory equipment : diskette reader for the Elecsys 2010" (view more) ....
    • Core Analysis Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of Laboratory glassware, specialising in glaswware required for Core Analysis Laboratories as well as for Medical, Chemical, Petroleum and general laboratories (view more) ....
    • Interested in establishing environmental lab in the field of water and air quality in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. " (view more) ....
    • Owner wishes to retire or scale back. Established Sole proprietorship providing contract R & D and lab testing services to plastics industry with fully equipped lab facility with mechanical, physical, and analytical test capabilities as well as plastics processing lab seeks laboratory partnership to grow current business and capabilities. (view more) ....
    • "Looking to acquire a laboratory with food testing capabilities as well as forensic potential." (view more) ....
    • Pharmaceutical Laboratory looking at creating a lab that would allow for drug, alcohol, paternity, STD, hormone etc. testing. Looking to own or partnership." (view more) ....
    • "Looking to purchase existing laboratory in canada . inorganic lab with 8- 10 fume hoods and few offices. A running business is fine or a liquidation. Also looking for contractors or lab designers. "" (view more) ....

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