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    Contract Laboratories for Laboratory Testing and Analysis, Scientific Research and Development, Certification and Inspection.

Laboratory Outsourcing Network. Independent, Full-Service Laboratory Testing Services for lab product testing, quality control testing, raw material testing, product, scientific research and development, certification, assays, inspections Contract Laboratory services industries such as the Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Clinical Trials, Occupational Health, Nutraceuticals, Automotive, Environment & Ecology, Oil, Petroleum & Gas, Cosmetics, Plastics & Polymers, Aerospace, Mining, Construction & Building, Textiles, Toys & Children's Products, Power & Energy, Animal Health, Transportation, Electronics, Telecommunications, Apparel, Engineering, Consumer Products, Organic, Green and Natural Products, Packaging, Agriculture, Farming & Feed, and Chemical Industries among many others.

    Contract Laboratory Welcomes our 10 Most Recent Registered Laboratories, Contract Rsearch Organizations and Laboratory Suppliers
Greener Tox Solutions - Greener Tox Solutions is environmentally-green testing laboratory specializing in petroleum toxicology, biodegradation testing, respirometry testing, petrochemical testing, pharmaceutical testing, lubricant and grease testing, environmental
Greener Tox Solutions
International RINP, Inc. - RINP's Laboratory offers Quality Control Testing, Research and Development, R&D, analytical testing to dietary supplements, nutrition supplements, functional foods, cosmetics, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries for product development and quality control, analytical method development & validation and product stability/shelf life study.Quality Control, Product Support, R&D of New Active Ingredients from Natural Products, Reference Standards, Analytical Method Development, Validation, and Transfer Services, Pharmaceutical Stability Studies and Testing Services, Contaminant Identification, Dissolution Testing Services and Analysis, Deformulation Testing
International RINP, Inc.
BioScience Laboratories, Inc. - -Microbiology
-Claims Substantiation
-In-use Studies
-Antimicrobial Efficacy
-Oral Care
-Preservative Effectiveness
-Human Clinical Trials
-Safety Testing
-SPF Testing
-Stability Testing
-UVA Testing
BioScience Laboratories, Inc.
Microbac Laboratories, Inc. - Microbac Laboratories offers testing such as : Materials and Chemical Compatibility
Failure Analysis (FA)
Sterility Testing
Robustness / Sensitivity
Materials Identification
Corrosion and Environmental Effects
Simulated / Service Testing
Plastic Properties / Performance
Process Validation Consultation
Microbial Testing
Analytical Method Development
Physical and Chemical Tests
Expert Testimony
Product Re-engineering
Nutritional Supplement Testing
USP and in-house Methods for Vitamins, Minerals
Impurity Profiles
Cleaning Validation
Amino Acid Analysis
Industrial Hygiene Sampling and Analysis
Facility Qualification or Monitoring
Process Control
Microbiological Critical Control Point Analyses
Physical and Chemical Testing
Stability Testing:
Full Range of Chemical, Physical, and Microbiological Testing Services
Trends Analysis
Microbac Laboratories, Inc.
ParOle Laboratories - Drug - excipient compatibility, Drug stability studies, Drug & API degradation and impurity profiling, QC, Analytical instrumental chemistry, method development and validation, Wet chemistry
, Bioanalytical chemistry, method development, validation, drug and metabolite analysis in biological matrix, Microbiology, Microbiological contamination tests, Biotechnology, Physical chemistry, Environmental analytical chemistry - 
 HPLC, GC, GC-MS methods.
Polymer and polymer material characterization, stability testing.
Sensors and instrumentation development
Instrumentation troubleshooting and repair
ParOle Laboratories
Cambridge Biomedical - Clinical Diagnostics, Assay Development & Optimization, Assay Validation, Biomarker Assay Development, Biosafety Assay Development, Biosimilar Assay Development, Dose Formulation Analysis, PK/PD Analysis, Quality Assurance Audits, Quality Systems Development, Regulatory/QA Consulting, Technology Transfer, Biomarker & Companion Diagnostics, Cell Based Assays, Clinical Diagnostic Tests, Cytokine/Chemokine Analysis, DNA/RNA Analysis,  Immunogenicity Studies, Metabolite Profiling and Analysis, Protein/Peptide & Antibody Analysis
Cambridge Biomedical
Forensic Analytical Laboratories Inc. - Forensics Science Testing, Microbiology Testing,  Waste Characterization, Litigation Support,  Project Data Review and Consultation, Failure Analysis, Industrial Control Problem Consultation, Packaged Goods Content Verificatiom, Product Testing, Perimeter Monitoring,  Simulation Studies (Asbestos, Metals, Organics, Particulate, etc.),  Analytical Method Development, Environmental Compliance Outside of Standard Protocols, Sampling Apparatus Design and Fabrication, Project Management and Facilitation, Nanocomponent Evaluation, Project Publication Support, White Paper Studies, Onsite Laboratory for Natural Disasters or Remote Analysis, Food Microbiology (Bacteria, Fungi, Endotoxin, etc.), Drinking Water and Recreational Water Analyses, Biocontaminant and Biopollutant Chamber Studies,  TEM CARB 435 Preparation, TEM Qualitative Analysis
Forensic Analytical Laboratories Inc.
Shriram Institute for Industrial Research - Gamma Radiation Sterilization, Analytical Method Development, Product Certification, Toxicological Studies, Bio-Safety Studies, Microbiological Studies, Environment Studies, Residual Radiation Estimation, Acute Toxicity Studies, Sub-acute toxicity Studies, Chronic Toxicity Studies, Irritation Studies Chemicals, Allergic Sensitization, Reproductive Toxicity Studies, Carcinogenicity Studies, Mutagenicity Studies, Biocompatibility Studies, Eco-toxicity Studies
contract laboratory .com - find microbiology, chemistry, environmental, physical, toxicology labs
Shriram Institute for Industrial Research
Exponent - Engineering, Biomechanical testing, injury analysis,     Biomedical Engineering, Buildings & Structures, Civil Engineering, Electrical & Semiconductors, Engineering Management Consulting, Materials & Corrosion Engineering,  Mechanical Engineering, Polymer Science & Materials Chemistry, Thermal Sciences, Vehicle Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Ecological & Biological Sciences, Environmental & Earth Sciences, Health Sciences, Epidemiology & Computational Biology, Toxicology & Mechanistic Biology, Exposure Assessment, Occupational & Environmental Health, Chemical Regulation & Food Safety
Economics,  Human Factors, Statistical & Data Sciences, Construction, Defense Technology Development, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Identity & Security, Accident Reconstruction, Automobile Event Data Recorders, Consulting Services,  Heavy Truck Accident Reconstruction, Heavy Truck Electronic Control Module (ECM) Data Test & Engineering Center, All-Terrain Area, Anthropomorphic Test Dummy (ATD) Laboratory, Controlled Rollover Impact System (CRIS) / Roll Spit, Crash Rail, Dynamometer, Hydraulic Loading, Inverted Drop, Roller Coaster Dolly, Sled Track / Skidpad Test Engineering, Component Testing, Crash Testing, Handling Testing, Laboratory Support,  Test Method Development, Vehicle Design & Analysis, Vehicle Fires
BSL BIOSERVICE Scientific Laboratories GmbH - Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Chemicals, Medical Devices, Agrochemicals, Cosmetics, Food, in vitro Pharmacology Studies, in vivo Pharmacology Studies, Preclinical Assessment, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Immunoanalytics, Dose Formulation Analytics, Bioanalytics, Biocompatibility, Microbiology,  Bioassays, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity testing (DART) services. All studies are conducted in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) for the safety evaluation of Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals and Industrial chemicals following OECD, ICH, U.S. EPA testing, acute and chronic toxicity studies up to Reproduction Toxicity or Toxicokinetic Studies,  Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISA), ligand binding tests, professional isolation and cryopreservation of human peripheral blood mononucleated cells (PBMC) and custom made cell-based assays, Flow Cytometry
BSL BIOSERVICE Scientific Laboratories GmbH

      - Asia or EU independent laboratory needed for materials testing: Sound absorption testing using Alpha cabin ....
      - Middle East analytical chemistry laboratory needed for carbonate calcium analysis. Chemical testing to be done at 2 micron ....
      - Materials Laboratory needed for strength testing to compare rotating beam corrosion fatigue strength of stainless steel with that in air. Specifically testing to 10,000,000 cycles at stress levels in the range of 35ksi to 90 ksi in concentrated chloride solutions at elevated temperatures (80°C) Specimen preparation is required with sub microm surface finish. ....
      - Agriculture / Environmental Laboratory needed for USP Testing. Pesticide Testing to USP 561. ....
      - India Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Petroleum testing ....
      - Ethylene Oxide Contract Sterilizer needed for medical device EO Ethylene Sterilization to sterilize 3 pallets of medical devices in one chamber? What costs are associated with validation of the product through one fractional, 4 half and one full cycle?
        - ""Pharmaceuticals importers are installing operations in Mexico but according with Mexican law, a local quality verification of pharmaceuticals laboratory shall take place before distribution to the market. It is a good opportunity to abroad your business to Latin America.""
          - FDA Liquid contract manufacturer needed for contract manufacturing E-LIQUID juice line. Contract Manufacturer needs to have chemist on staff for formulation of the e-liquid blend.
            - Northeast Ohio CLIA laboratory instrument service provider needed for instrument inspection to maintain CLIA certification"autoclave, centrifuge that spins bloods/urine,2 microscopes for oil immersion and low and high viewing"
              - US Medical Device Contract Manufacturer needed for contract manufacturing lyophilized injectable device.
              Middle East Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of laboratory equipment: Capillary Pressure Desaturation Porosimeter, Gas PORG-200 Permeameter Gas, PERG-200 Permeameter, Liquid PERL-200 Soxhlet Extractor Electronic Top Loading Balance Soils Drying Oven "
              Africa Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of radioisotopes.
              "Clinical Laboratory needs laboratory supplier to purchase remnant samples: 1500 positive stool samples from 33 different bacterial infections. I can provide a full list of the remnant samples we are interested in purchasing. "
              "Bioanalytical Laboratory Supplier needed of very sensitive and specific recombinants needed for diagnostics kits development. Kits platforms include rapid tests, Elisa's and Western blots. """
              Complete laboratory equipment for Oil analysis laboratory
              """Fully equipped construction materials testing laboratory for lease or sale. Laboratory recently inspected by CCRL and is equipped with soil, concrete and masonry testing equipment (and more). Owner will remain on premises in related engineering consulting business to help train and/or assist in transition. Business currently has Take over space and equipment for $4,000/mo with 3 mo. deposit or purchase all equipment for $50,000 and rent space for $2,000 mo."""
              Inorganic chemistry Laboratory in Africa needs Laboratory Partnership to become accredited laboratory (Application has been already done). Our wish is to create partnership with different lab so that we could grow faster by sharing experiences and good practice.
              Group of telecom professionals wit h 25+ years of experience with Multi-national companies in senior Research and Development R&D management positions. There is a huge opportunity for setting up security test lab in India, considering high amount of telecom gear imports. We are interested in tie-up and looking for a partner who can fund. Complete management and Setup responsibility can be taken by us."
              ""Fully equipped analytical laboratory with associated scientists available to undertake contract work for the chemical and life sciences industries. Very strong method development competence. This laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited and GLP compliant. Ideal to support work overflow or discrete projects in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. More details available upon request ""
              "New York Laboratory building with Work stations , phlebotomy room waiting room ,reception room ,office,2bathrooms. Ground level Perfect for stat or satellite location. Medical labs have occupied the same building since 1955 Unlimited patient parking"
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