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Laboratory Outsourcing Network. Lab Outsourcing. Scientific Sourcing. Contract Laboratory Testing Services for lab product testing, quality control testing, raw material testing, product, scientific research and dvelopment, certification, assays, inspections

Laboratory Testing and Analysis, Scientific Research and Development, Engineering, Certifications and Inspections

Need Independent Contract Testing and Research Laboratories? Contract Laboratory .com facilitates and centralizes Lab Outsourcing and Scientific Sourcing such as Laboratory Testing, Scientific Research and Development Studies, Experiments, or Assays, Quality Control Testing, Raw Material Testing, Finished Product Testing, Product and Process Development, Technology Transfer, Failure Analysis, Consumer Panels, Comparison Studies, Microscopy and Imaging, Reverse Engineering, Prototype Development, Field Examinations, Simulation, Surveys, Inspection, and Certification.

Contract Research and Testing Services in industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Clinical Trials, Occupational Health, Nutraceuticals, Automotive Motor Vehicles, Botany & Horticulture Environment & Ecology, Oil, Petroleum & Gas, Cosmetics & Skincare, Gems & Jewelry, Wine, Beer & Liquor, Arts & Crafts, Plastics & Polymers, Aerospace, Mining & Metals, Alternative Energy & Biofuels, Construction & Building, Textiles & Fabrics, Toys & Children's Products, Power, Energy & Utilities, Animal Health, Wood, Paper & Pulp, Advanced Materials, Shipping and Transportation, Electronics, Telecommunications, Fashion, Apparel & Footwear, Engineering, Consumer Products, Organic, Green and Natural Products, Packaging, Agriculture, Farming & Feed, and Chemical Industries among many others.

Need to outsource your laboratory testing and scientific research? Contract Laboratory .com can help with all your lab outsouring and scientific Sourcing needs. Our Extensive Network of Laboratories is international and includes hard to find and specialty corporate, academic and government laboratories that provide outsourced testing and scientific research around the world. Laboratories are in the USA, United Kingdom, China, European Union, India, Middle East, Africa, Australia and South America, etc.

Ten Most Recent Registered Laboratories and Laboratory Suppliers

Alliant Food Safety Labs, LLC - We provide Allergen Testing, Genesis Nutritional Labelling, Microbial Identification. Shelf-Life and Challenges Studies.

Allergen Testing Includes:
Macadamia Nut

To determine the food microbiology of your products, we are able to provide a wide range of Microbiology Testing and Enumeration Testing services covering:
Hygiene indicator organisms
Spoilage indicator
Shelf life testing
Environmental swabbing
Sub-contracted chemistry services
Pathogens by detection

Chemistry Analysis:
Fat (including trans-fat and Omega-3 fatty acids)

Microbiology Analysis:
Aerobic Plate Count (to indicate product quality)
Coagulase Positive Staph (sauces, dressings, beverages, and dairy products)
Coliform & E.coli (indicates food product quality and safety)
E.coli O157:H7 (ground beef and unpasteurized juice products)
Enterobacteriaceae (indicates food product quality and safety)
Lactic Acid Bacteria (salad dressings and vacuum-packaged products)
Listeria monocytogenes (meat, vegetables, deli salads, RTEs, and dairy)
Yeast & Mold (sauces, dressings, beverages, and dairy products)
Salmonella species (meat, poultry, vegetables, and dairy products)

Nutritional analysis tests that we offer:
US Nutritional by Analysis
US NFP Required (PDF )
Nutritional by DATABASE

We also offer Nutritional Facts labeling in various styles

Potable Water Analysis:
Preservatives Added (Y/N)
Total Coliforms (HPC)
Heterotrophic Plate Count

Shelf Life Tests:
Coliform / E.coli
Coagulase Pos. Staph.
Y & M
Lactic Acid Bacteria
Lysteria mono.
Peroxide Value (PV)
Water Activity
Alliant Food Safety Labs, LLC
Advanced Analytical Testing Laboratories - Advanced Analytical Testing Laboratories provides the following services:
Water Testing
Gas Testing per USP, EP and JP
Wet Chemistry Testing
Complete Monograph Testing of Raw Materials per USP, EP and JP
In-Process/ Finished Product Testing
Stability Storage and Testing Program
Container Testing
Method Development and Validation per USP <1225> and ICH
Trending Reports
Support for Stability
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Lot Release Testing
Microbiological Testing, Analytical method validation protocols
Analytical method transfer protocols
Cleaning validation protocols with respect to analytical methods and swabbing techniques
Stability study protocols
Advanced Analytical Testing Laboratories
TUV Rheinland India Pvt Ltd. TUV - Materials Testing and Inspection:
Scanning Electron Microscope analysis
Cross Section Analysis of PCB's
Charpy Impact Test
Computed Radiography
Hardness Testing
Maintenance and Materials Testing
Material Fatigue Testing
Tensile Strength Test
Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
Visual Inspection

Chemical Audits/Extract of Harmful Substances Audit

Prohibited Azo dyes
Pentachlorophenol, PCP
Nickel in metal parts
Cadmium in plastic textiles
Allergenic disperse dyes
Organotin chemistry, Tributyltin hydride
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, PAK
REACH Testing , REACH Registration and Pre-Registration
Physical Textile Audits/Extract of Quality Assurance Tests

Audit to check if textile is rub-proof, waterproof, wash proof, sweat resistant, iron proof, dry-clean resistant, seawater resistant, chlorine water resistant
Light resistant
Pulling and stretching tests, rip-proof
Alteration, seam turns
Pilling behavior, shower proof
Fiber compound
Zipper tests
You can find a complete index of services in the download section.

Extract of Certification and Test marks

Tested against harmful substances
Allergy-tested, suitable for dust mite allergy
Quality assurance check
UV- protection audit

Microbiological and Chemical Analyses

Microbiological Tests 
Determination of germ content in foods
Selective detection of spoilage
Selective detection of pathogenic bacteria, such as salmonella, listeria, legionella, bacillus cereus, staphylococci, pseudomonas, or clostridia perfringens
Identification of yeasts and molds
Microbial differentiation
Rapid microbiology hygiene methods of ATP measurement
Contract research and development activities
Inspection of counter- and duplicate samples
Inspection of drinking water in accordance with drinking water regulation requirements
Chemical Tests 
Nutrient analysis of water, fat, protein, ash, dietary fiber
Carbohydrates, such as glucose, fructose, sucrose, lactose, or starch
Minerals and trace elements
Additives, such as preservatives or dyes
Contaminants and residues, such as heavy metals
Product monitoring
Independent sampling and testing as part of an annual sampling plan, jointly adopted

Hygiene inspection on-site in line with the agreed schedule
Assessment of operational and personal hygiene in accordance with food hygiene regulations (Lebensmittelhygiene-Verordnung, LMHV)
Monitoring of environmental conditions, such as temperature readings, humidity, and air microbial count
Review of self-regulatory systems

Our specialists can advise on all issues - for example, if you wish to apply for subsidies from state funds.

Analysis of Toxins

Azo dyes and coloring agents
Pentachlorophenol (PCP)
Chrome VI
Allergenic dyes or colorants
Heavy metals
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, PAH
Organotin chemistry, Tributyltin hydride
TUV Rheinland India Pvt Ltd. TUV
Analytical Innovations - We specialize in analytical and chemical analyses of products in the R&D phase as well as finished products. We provide R&D and sustaining product support services to the food, beverage, and flavors and fragrances industries. Additionally, we provide Extractables and Leachables profiling of packaging materials used by the food, beverage, and cosmetic industries.

We ensure that our clients' products meet the highest quality standards and comply with constantly changing regulatory requirements. We help our clients deliver their products with improved efficacy, efficiency, safety, and overall results.

Analytical Innovations uses state-of-the-art equipment and advance chemical and analytical techniques in addressing a variety of client needs. We use the most current reference methods and methods validated for their intended purpose. We can even develop and validate methods to fit specific client needs. Our testing services include:

Food and beverage chemical analysis:  Sugar spectrum, Nutrient value, Caffeine content, Preservatives and Additives, Contaminants and Residues, Identification of foreign bodies.

Food and beverage label reviews:  Allergen compliance, Nutrition analysis, Ingredient labeling, Descriptive claims, Nutritional analysis, Moisture, Amino acid profile, Carbohydrates, Proteins.

Flavor and fragrance compound identification.

Packaging materials' Extractables & Leachables profile and regulatory compliance.

Identification of unknown materials and foreign bodies.

Technical consulting.

A few of the services we offer the Flavor & Fragrance industry include:

Flavor and Fragrance compound identification and formulation optimization:  Performance optimization, Formulation for different applications (e.g. Air Care, Creams/Lotions, Household/Home Care, etc.), Discoloration analysis, Analysis of competitive products, Certification Verification: IFRA, GRAS, Low Allergen, Natural, etc.

Sustaining product support:  Stability and Shelf-Life studies (discoloration, matrix incompatibility, off-odor), Product complaints, Failure analysis.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA).

Sensory evaluations.

Product marketing including packaging and label design.

We perform many wet chemistry analyses ensuring fast turnaround times, reliable data, and scientifically-sound techniques so that your business can focus on its core activities.  Some of these analyses include:  
Color Analysis

Water Determination - Karl Fischer Titrations

Acidity/Basicity Determination (pH)

Specific Gravity



Determination of Fluoride and Chloride contents.
Analytical Innovations
Neer Diagnostic Laboratory - Neer Diagnostic Laboratories offers clinical diagnostic testing such as:

? Background Screening ? Urine Drug (5, 6 and 10 panel) ? Hair Drug? EtG Alcohol (Hair/Urine)? D.O.T. Urine Screen (Same Gender Direct Observation Service Available) ? Drug Court, Family Court & Child Protective Services Programs? Design and assistance in implementation of Corporate testing programs.
Medical Testing - Wellness - Clinicals/Titers:
? Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR)? Varicella-Zoster (VZV) ? Hepatitis B Surface Antibody ? Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test ? QuantiFERON TB Gold (Serum) ? Polio Virus 1, 2, 3 Antibody ? HIV
Vaccinations for College Health Services
 ? Hepatitis B Vaccination ? MMR Vaccination  Varicella Vaccination Medical Testing -
Organizational Wellness Programs:
? Cholesterol Testing ? PSA - Prostate Specific Antigen ? CBC - Complete Blood Count ? CMP - Comprehensive Metabolic Panel 

Anemia Panel 

Basic Check Up 

Auto Immune Panel 

Cancer Screening Panels 

Growth Hormone Panel 

Heart Disease Prevention Panel 

Hormone Panels 

Low Testosterone Panel 

Menopause Panel 

Thyroid Profiles 

Wellness Panels
Our services to businesses include: 
Corporate Testing: 
? Background Screening 
? Urine Drug (5, 6 and 10 panel) 
? Hair Drug 
? EtG Alcohol (Hair/Urine) 
? D.O.T. Urine Screen (Same Gender Direct Observation Service Available) 
? Drug Court, Family Court & Child Protective Services Programs 
? Design and assistance in implementation of Corporate testing programs. 
Medical Testing - Wellness - Clinicals/Titers: 
? Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) 
? Varicella-Zoster (VZV) 
? Hepatitis B Surface Antibody 
? Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test 
? QuantiFERON TB Gold (Serum) 
? Polio Virus 1, 2, 3 Antibody 
? HIV 
Vaccinations for College Health Services 
? Hepatitis B Vaccination 
? MMR Vaccination 
? Varicella Vaccination 
Medical Testing - Organizational Wellness Programs: 
? Cholesterol Testing 
? PSA - Prostate Specific Antigen 
? CBC - Complete Blood Count 
? CMP - Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Neer Diagnostic Laboratory

Choksi Laboratories Limited - Pharmaceutical Analysis, Food Testing, Agriculture Testing, PRODUCT & PROCESS DEVELOPMENT, QUALITY CONTROL Testing, Bio Analysis, Water Systems Validation, Raw Material Testing, Impurity Testing, Cleaning Validation, Excipients Testing, In-Vitro Equivalence, Intermediates Testing, Method Development, Bio-Burden Monitoring, Formulation Testing, 3rd Party Inspection, Method Validation, Residual Solvents Analysis / OVIs, Stability, Particle Size Analysis, Water Analysis, CLL's Alcohols / Alcoholic Beverages Analysis Services, CLL's Food Products Test-List, CLL's Dairy Product's Services, CLL's Milk & Milk Products Analysis as per EIC norms, CLL's Shelf-Life Studies in Food & Beverages, CLL's Spices & Extracts Services, Water Analysis (Potable Water, Raw Water, Water for food processing industry, Packaged Drinking Water, Natural Mineral Water etc.), Agrochemical (Pesticide) Residues Analysis, Antibiotic Residues Analysis, Banned Dyes Analysis (including Sudan Dyes), Health Claims Verification for Dietary Supplements / Special Needs Food  
 Products, Food Grade Certification for Food Additives, Food Grade Certification for Packaging Container Testng, Microbiological Analysis, Heavy / Toxic Metals Analysis, Proximate Analysis, Nutritional Evaluation & Labelling Services (including Trans-Fats & Cholesterol   Determination,  Natural Toxins Analysis (Mycotoxins) 




Packaging Material Analysis
Choksi Laboratories Limited
VTEC Laboratories Inc. - VTEC has advanced capabilities to perform reverse-engineering of industrial and commercial products.
Fire Testing, Flammability Testing, Smoke Testing, Combustion Gas Toxicity Testing, Physical Testing, Structural Testing, Environmental Exposure, Electrical Testing, Corrosion Testing, Materials Testing, Analytical Chemistry, Thermal Analysis Testing, Identification Testing, Mechanical Testing, MSDS Testing and write ups, Methods Development, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Programs,  Failure Analysis using Chemical and Physical Test Procedures
Chemical Analysis includes- GC/MS, FTIR, UV/VIS, GC, LC, HPLC, DSC/TGA/DTA, ICP/ DCP, XRF, SEM/TEM, Fluorescence 
Fire Testing includes-ASTM E 119, UL 1709, UL 10C, UL263, ASTM E 1529 for walls, floors, doors and steel fire protection
Inspection Services - paints, coatings, construction products in-house or at site
VTEC Laboratories Inc.
MVA Scientific Consultants - Nanomaterial Characterization: 
Size, morphology, dispersion & homogeneity analysis,
Analysis of consumer products for nanomaterials, Identification of nanomaterials,
Raman analysis of nanomaterials,
Contaminant analysis,
Workplace nanoparticle exposure monitoring,

Environmental Forensics & Industrial Hygiene Testing:
Particle characterization,
Dust characterization,
Carbon black analysis,
Fly ash characterization,
Darkening agents identification,
Soot analysis,
Asbestos analysis & exposure,
Unknown material analysis,
Contamination analysis,
Source Determination

Investigative Analysis:
Product failure analysis,
Product defect analysis,
Coating analysis,
Corrosion analysis,
Surface profile characterization,
Polymer characterization,
Wear debris analysis,
Adhesion and de-lamination analysis,
Contaminant testing,
Materials characterization,
High resolution SEM & TEM imaging

Pharmaceutical Testing:
Foreign particulate identification,
Particle size distribution determination,
Particle shape analysis,
Drug polymorph characterization,
Drug morphology studies,
API/excipient distribution mapping,
High resolution SEM imaging,
Nonconformance analysis,
Root cause analysis,
Elemental mapping


FTIR spectroscopy,
Raman spectroscopy,
Raman chemical imaging,
Scanning electron microscopy,
Transmission electron microscopy,
Energy dispersive x-ray spectrometry,
Fluorescence microscopy,
Optical microscopy,
Scanning white light interference microscopy,
Ion milling and microtomy,
Polarized light microscopy
MVA Scientific Consultants
Triclinic Labs - cGMP Pharmaceutical Development 
Fine Chemical Development 
Physical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Solid State Chemistry Development, Materials Characterization, Method Development, Validation Transfer, Contaminant Characterization
Polymorph Screening
Salt Screening and Selection
Cocrystal Screening and Selection
Amorphous Material Developemnt
Crystallization Method Development
cGMP Release Testing
Particle Size Analysis
Optical Microscopy
Karl Fisher
Tablet Hardness, Compaction, Others
Powder Characterization
Triclinic Labs
Ceutical Labs - Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Cosmetics ad Food In Process Testing, Finished Product Testing, Finished Product Testing, Raw Material Testing, Stability Testing, Post Sterilization Testing, Ethylene Oxide Testing, Product Degradation Studies, Product Aging Studies, Validation support, Verification testing, Product Development, Medical Device Testing, Pharmaceutical Testing, Nutraceutical Testing, Pet Product Testing, Cosmetic Testing, FDA Testing, USP Testing, Validation Testing, API Testing, Packaging Testing, Design Development, Formulation Testing, Quality Control Testing, Clinic and Scientific Studies,
Ceutical Labs

    From Scientists conducting cutting edge Research Studies that need specialized assays to Manufacturer's in-house Quality Control Laboratories having laboratory instruments out for repair to simply saving money in performing finished product testing overseas and not having internal laboratories, there are many reasons for outsourcing your Testing and Research. In facilitating over 80,000 Laboratory Requests, certainly has worked with every situation including time sensitive URGENT Requests requiring Laboratories within hours around the world. Below are our most Recent incoming Test Requests:
    • Dental Pharmaceutical company needs Consumer Products Laboratory for clinical study: dental consumer products panel testing with 100 patients. Company in process of obtaining an ADA seal of approval for their oral mouth rinse for the purpose of managing oral malodor. In order to prepare the ADA package, I am seeking to engage someone to conduct a three-week crossover or parallel group design clinical study of the mouth rinse utilizing one appropriate placebo control. It would require 100 patients, 21-65 years of age, using product 2x day, 30 second rinse. Baseline testing by a qualified panel of judges would be conducted, and then once per week and one at end (4 measurements total) The scale is a 1-5 intensity scale. (view more) ....
    • Manufacturer needs Canada or USA pharmaceutical laboratory for skin ointment testing for the presence of steroids or hormones. (view more) ....
    • Aerospace Laboratory needed for Hydrogen Content Testing Hydrogen pickup on titanium tubes after etching in hydrofloric acid to Lockheed spec. mp50063 rev. b method 1a. (view more) ....
    • Small craft brewery needed for Production Efficiency Testing : alcohol content testing of low-alcohol beer kill the yeast in a low fermented product. for 'sweet spot' between production efficiency and safety of the product. The typical guidelines for pasteurization require to apply heat for over 15 minutes, which is not easy to do in a small brewery. Therefore, I wonder what other options might be creating the same result - ensuring that all yeast cells are unable to keep fermenting. Could you provide me any advice or work with me on this challenge? (view more) ....
    • USA FDA GMP Analytical Laboratory neeed for Charged Aerosol Detection HPLC-CAD analysis (view more) ....

    Contract Laboratory .com is more than laboratory outsourcing for testing and scientific research. While we started in these areas, our success in facilitating outsourcing in these areas lead to laboratories outsourcing services for their laboratory. From helping growing laboratories with their laboratory expansions and renovations to assisting contract, in-house and research laboratories in finding contract manufacturers for new reagents and cell lines. Below are our most recent incoming Laboratory Service Requests:
    • Central or Eastern Europe Contract Sterilizer needed for Gamma sterilization at 10kGy" (view more) ....
    • Development laboratory needs laboratory services for HPLC repair in Southwest USA: HP 1050 HPLC that has been sitting on a shelf for a few years that I would like to see if we can get up and running again." (view more) ....
    • "Laboratory Engineering Firm needed to help set up a clinical Laboratory in Sierra Leone. " (view more) ....
    • Massive Tree Nursery needs laboratory engineering firm for designing Horticulture laboratories, are expected to be furnished and fully equipped with specialized Horticulture instruments, the breakdown of which is readily available. Need US laboratory engineering firm for designing of the labs. Please let me know at your earliest convenience. " (view more) ....
    • "Laboratory consultant ased in Africa needed to provide laboratory research training " (view more) ....

    • Core Analysis Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of Laboratory glassware, specialising in glaswware required for Core Analysis Laboratories as well as for Medical, Chemical, Petroleum and general laboratories (view more) ....
    • "Airport Laboratory needs Lab Supplier of Laboratory Chemicals Crystals Sublimed Quantity,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,2500 Kg Potasium Iodide AR Quantity,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2000 Kg " (view more) ....
    • Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of BFCS 300 (or other similar brand) with all spare parts and accessory items & components. Also we are looking to purchase 4 litter of non petroleum brake fluid base (Referee) with corrosion test glass jar with finned steel lids. (view more) ....
    • "Laboratory Investment / Partnership t set-up testing and calibration laboratories in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have expertise how to run and setup labs. We are searching some investment partners"" (view more) ....
    • "Small licensed laboratory. Accounts not important. Equipment not important. " (view more) ....
    • "We are looking for small PCR testing lab in South Florida area." (view more) ....
    • "Individual interested to setup laboratory (contract research , outsourced research/Partnership )in Middle east/India/China. (view more) ....

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