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Sterilization and Lyophilization Service Request

Request: 18-00043

Status: Closed


LONG-TERM Contract Sterilizer needed for sterilization of a range of measuring fragile medical equipment post contact with human tissue. Components must be sterilized such that they can be once again used for general laboratory use. Considerations: -Two of the devices to be sterilized are digital electronic calibrated measuring equipment. Ideally the sterilization will not adversely impact calibration or functionality. Option to re-calibrate post sterilization cycle. -Parts must be shipped to the sterilizer, sterilized, then shipped to our facility. Some thought needs to be put into this transportation as some of the equipment to be sterilized is fragile. My current research has suggested that the following may be the track forward. After exposure to human tissue all items are cleaned of stains and excess tissue contaminant, wiped with Virkon soaked cloth, then wiped with 70% IPA soaked cloth. Once cleaned, most items are placed in a sealed Tyvek pouch for transportation. The 2 delicate items are placed in their storage case. Then the storage case is placed into a biohazard pouch for transportation to the sterilization site. The delicate items are removed from the biohazard pouch and from the storage cases. The storage cases, delicate items, and all other items (items in Tyvek pouch) are placed in the sterilizer and the cycle is run. The decontaminated delicate items are placed into their decontaminated storage cases for shipping. All items are shipped (delicate items in the storage cases and other items still in the Tyvek pouches) to us. Sterilizer laboratory requirements: -ISO (9001, 13485, 17025) certified laboratory. -some kind of certificate from the sterilizer that our items have been sterilized. We will perform incoming inspection upon return of equipment and this certificate will be key. -In or close to Ireland

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