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Laboratory Test Request Details

Plants, Botany, and Horticulture Test Request

Request: 18-01236

Status: Closed


Invasive Plant Progressive Stress Study


Laboratory needed for progressive stress testing in a greenhouse environment of a semi-mature instance of the invasive plant Kudzu in an attempt to initiate it to begin an intrinsic 'death cycle' process that leads to the plant's endogenous production of a terminal phytotoxin for the plant's purpose of preventing potential species dysgenesis.

At critical time frame(s) real-time monitoring & analysis of the root 'exudates' & small sample extraction of said exudates.

Reformulation of selected candidate exudate(s) with adjuvant for purposes of re-application of said endogenously-generated phytotoxin to another sample test instance of same Kudzu plant species (probably next season cycle) to validate hypothesis of self-generated phytotoxin being capable of being used as species-specific herbicide.

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