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Medical Center developing pain treatment needs Genetic Laboratory for genetic testing study with both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA Pain Treatment has a seemingly random response rate, with ~ 20% being extremely high responders. However, there appears to be a very strong genetic tendency: If a patient is a high responder, then there is an 80% chance that their maternal relatives will also be high responders.

I have a collection of ~ 12 families where 2-3 maternal relatives are all high responders.

I would like to contract genetic testing to dis/prove this hypothesis. Both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA should be tested.

I can supply tissue samples from:
a. 5-8 families, with 10-20 patients, from known high responders.
b. Any number of unrelated high responders.
c. Any number of unrelated non-responders.


1. What would you propose for the smallest possible study, what cost, how long?

2. What would you propose for a more definitive study, what cost, how long?

3. What kind of tissue do I need to supply? Are mouth swabs enough?

4. What is included, what is not included? Mitochondrial DNA?



Number: 19-00118

Industry: Pharmacogenomics PGX

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