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Personal Care Products Test Request

Request: 19-00056

Status: Closed


Food Hand Sanitizer ASTM Antimicrobial Efficacy Studies


Personal hygiene productscompany needs NABL Accredited Microbiology Laboratory to study the ASTM antimicrobial efficacy of food compliant hand sanitizer:
1. ASTM E2315 - Assessment of Antimicrobial Activity Using a Time-Kill Procedure
2. ASTM E2755 - Bacteria-Eliminating Effectiveness of Healthcare Personnel Hand Rub Formulations Using Hands of Adults
3. ASTM E2752 - Residual Effectiveness of Antibacterial Personal Cleansing Products
4. ASTM E2276 - Bacteria-Eliminating Effectiveness of Hygienic Handwash and Handrub Agents Using the Finger-pads of Adults

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