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Request: 19-01002

Status: Closed


Genetics Laboratory Partnership


Seeking long term working relationship with USA Next Generation Sequencing genetics laboratory for the following weekly genetic services.

 Require full service: DNA extraction, Library Prep/QC, Hybridization and Sequencing. No data analysis needed. We will provide probes for this custom, capture based panel.
 Sample types: cfDNA from Human blood, gDNA from other sample types e.g. buccal swabs, hair roots, & fingernails
 Preferred platform: NextSeq
 Desired sequencing read length: 2x150
 Targeted genome size: 1.2 Mb
 Required coverage: cfDNA 1G/sample (PE150, 3.3M reads), gDNA 200Mb/sample (PE150, 0.67M reads)
 Expected deliverables: FASTQ files uploaded to agreed upon cloud storage platform

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