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Contract Consumer Products Laboratory with specialization in nailcare products needed to assist venture backed start-up on development on stick-on manicures and bio-based alternatives to petrochemical products used. . We have identified similar products manufactured in Asia and we are keen to understand the materials, composition, and manufacturing process due to a lack of available data sheets. Longer term, we are developing bio-based alternatives to the petrochemical derived materials described below.

We understand the product is an acrylic (PMMA likely) gel/resin, an acrylic adhesive, and a release liner. Patents for other sticker technologies suggest screen printing is involved in the manufacturing process.

We have a series of product samples available for testing, and we would be interested to discuss further as part of a deforumlation and R&D project.

Initially, we are looking to understand the materials used, layers present, adhesive, and release film.

If possible, we would like to understand the manufacturing process, and reverse engineer this or identify suitable manufacturers that could develop these for us or sources of materials that could allow us to bring this manufacturing in-house


Number: 20-01190

Industry: Nail Care

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