Medical Equipment IEC Certification

Laboratory Test Request Description

ILAC accredited Laboratory needed for IEC Electrical Certification and EMC testing on two different types of Medical Equipment.

Monitor Pre-configured Medical Equipment
- IEC60601-2-27: 2013
- IEC60601-2-49: 2014
- IEC 80601-2-30: 2014
- ISO 80601-2-61: 2015
- ISO 80601-2-56

Monitor Pre-configured Medical Equipment
- IEC80601-2-30: 2014.

It is important to note that both equipments already have the respective General and EMC Test Reports.

If it is possible to carry out the tests and issue the reports for Anvisa certification of the product, please send value and duration of the test.


Number: 18-01588

Industry: Medical Devices (Electrical)

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