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Request: 19-00811

Status: Closed


Bioassays: Enumeration of recombinant viruses and sylvatic plague vaccine baits (SPVB)


USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for enumeration of recombinant raccoon poxvirus in viral serials and sylvatic plague vaccine baits (SPVB) using a Vero cell-based bioassay.

We have an established Standard Operating Procedure for this bioassay. The SOP can be provided and needs to be followed exactly. The enumeration of recombinant raccoon poxvirus in viral serials, involves the propagation of Vero Cells from seed stock, maintenance of Vero cells and then Viral enumeration of serials via Vero cell bioassay. The Enumeration of recombinant raccoon poxvirus in sylvatic plague vaccine baits involves extracting the vaccine from the baits, plating dilutions on Vero cells, and then quantifying plaque forming units. The SOP can be provided for further detail

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