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Laboratory Test Request Details

Life Sciences Test Request

Request: 17-01696

Status: Closed


Bioanalytical Laboratory needed grow Human Primary Trophoblast cells with serum and without serum for varying amounts of time (0, 24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs, and 96hrs). Then immunofluorescence stain the cells with GLUT8 and Humanin for images.

We are looking to have a data point for every combination of serum, time,and staining:
serum: with and without
time(hrs): 0 (control), 24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs, and 96hrs
staining: GLUT8 and Humanin (if possible, also co-staininng with lysosomal markers)

We also need to have a non-isotype IgG negative control.

For immunofluorescence images, we would like at least 40x magnification.

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