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Power and Energy Test Request

Request: 19-01230

Status: Closed


$10,000 BUDGET APPROVED Electrical Comparison of Test Devices


$10,000 BUDGET APPROVED Energy Company needs Electrical Laboratory for comparison of test devices before and after Irradiance:
 ZM1 x1
Dimension: 8 x 7 x 4
 MM3 x1
Dimension: 10 x 6 x 5
 UM3 Kraken 1 x1
Dimension: 5x 5x 4
 UM3 Kraken 2 x1
Dimension: 7x 7x 3

Test evaluation:
No evaluation during the testing period. Just visually compare before and afte UV exposure

Cycle 6 (used for high irradiance exposures of coatings and plastics):
Lamp - UVA-340
Typical Irradiance - 1.55 W/m2/nm
Wavelength - 340 nm
Exposure Cycle - 8 h UV at 60 (+/-3) °C Black Panel Temperature; 4 h Condensation at 50 (+/-3) °C Black Panel Temperature.

Total test duration: 90 days (=90x24=2160 hours)

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