Toxicity Studies

Laboratory Test Request Description

Toxicology Laboratory needed for the following toxicity testing:
1. Short-term toxicity to terrestrial invertebrates (Annex IX, Section 9.4.1.; test method: EU C.8./OECD TG 207) 2. Effects on soil micro-organisms (Annex IX, Section 9.4.2.; test method: EU C.21./OECD TG 216 and test method: EU C.22./ OECD TG 217) 3. Short-term toxicity on terrestrial plants (Annex IX, Section 9.4.3; test method: EU C.31./OECD TG 208, with at least three species)Substance for testing is UVCB : Product of Semi-Dry Absorption method of Flue Gas Desulphurization


Number: 21-03063

Industry: Power and Energy

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