Multiple Tests (DIN and ISO) on Polyurethane

Laboratory Test Request Description

Materials laboratory needed for multiple tests (DIN and ISO) on Polyurethane as per below.

Mechanical loss factor DIN53513
Static shear modules DIN ISO 1827
Dynamic shear modulus DIN ISO 1827
Min. tensile stress at rupture DIN EN ISO 527-3/5/100
Min. tensile elongation at rupture DIN EN ISO 527-3/5/100
Abrasion test DIN EN ISO 4649
Residual compression set DIN ISO 1856
Static & Dynamic E-modulus test DIN 53513
Inflammability DIN 4102 EN ISO 11925-2

Please confirm the testing availability including the cost of each test and lead time to conduct the tests.

Your soonest reply on the above would be highly appreciated.


Number: 19-01346

Industry: Polymer

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