6 PharmaceuticalDrug Preparation Experiments (Antivirals)

Laboratory Test Request Description


USA Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for 3 experiments on 6 saline based drug preparations.

We have basic (untreated) saline and drugs based on saline of the following types:

0. Basic Saline
1. Active Cl
2. Active Si
3. Active P-Ca
4. Oak
5. Azithromycin

Experiment N0. Basic (to study the chemical composition of each drug).

We take the required amount (ml.) Of all 6 types, the base (background) and 5 drugs (saline based), and carry out a chemical analysis.
Our goal is to confirm that all 6 types (5 drugs plus basic saline) have the same chemical composition.

Experiment N1. (On antibacterial activity).

A colony of Mycobacterium is taken (for example, pneumonia), sensitive to antibiotic Azithromycin.
Further, the colony of Mycobacterium pneumonia is placed in a growth medium, which is divided into 5 equal parts and is poured into cups with 5 numbers.
Further, N4 is growth medium in which nothing will be added - we will call primary or untouched.
In 0 - growth medium add equal (as much as in the cup) the amount of saline solution and we will call this a background value.
In 1 - add an equal amount of Azithromycin.
In 2 - add an equal amount of Active Cl
In 3 - add an equal amount of Oak

Next, we begin to observe and compare the state of the quantity and activity of Mycobacterium pneumonia in all 5 cups:
We check all 5 cups;
First hour
Second hour
Third hour
Fourth hour
Fifth hour
In 24 hours (has to be put into thermostat and then checked)

To determine the effectiveness, we choose a scale of three levels:
- without changes;
- slight inhibition of the colony of Mycobacterium pneumonia;
- severe inhibition of the colony of Mycobacterium pneumonia.

After describing all these comparisons, conclusions are drawn about the effective antibacterial activity of the base and the 3 drugs.

Experiment N2 (Antiviral)

Follow the same process as in the first experiment with the following quantum drugs.

1. Active Cl
2. Active Si
3. Active P-Ca

Experiment N3 Antifungal (for example; candida albicans)

Follow the same process as in the first experiment with the following drugs.

1. Active Cl
2. Active Si
3. Active P-Ca


Number: 20-01557

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

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