Degradable Metal Ball Rate of Reaction Testing

Laboratory Test Request Description

Contract Laboratory needed to test the rate of reaction of a degradable metal ball subjected to pressure and temperature. A 2-inch diameter ball would be placed in in 4 fluid scenarios: 1) 39 wt % CaCl2 aqueous solution, 4000 psi, 150F, up to 6 days with intermittent inspection of the ball appearance and mass. 2) 39 wt % CaCl2 aqueous solution, 4000 psi, 180F, up to 6 days with intermittent inspection of the ball appearance and mass. 3) 20 wt % HCl acid, 7000 psi, 150F, up to 48 hours with intermittent inspection of the ball appearance and mass. 4) 20 wt % HCl acid, 7000 psi, 180F, up to 48 hours with intermittent inspection of the ball appearance and mass. In each case, the fluid volume must be at least 20x the ball volume (more than 0.36 gallons). Note: The ball generates hydrogen when it reacts.


Number: 20-01547

Industry: Metals

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