LONG-TERM TESTING South Africa Food Microbiology Laboratory

Laboratory Test Request Description

LONG-TERM TESTING South Africa Microbiology Laboratory needed for food safety microbiological testing the microbial swabs from a butchery. The following will be swabbed :


Number: 19-01182

Industry: Meats and Poultry

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Other Meats and Poultry testing, analysis, scientific research and development, inspection, certification, engineering, failure investigation, and product development needs include :

  • Ash Testing
  • Fat Testing
  • Moisture Testing
  • Protein Testing
  • Heavy Metals Testing
  • Pesticides Testing
  • Antibiotics & Drugs Testing
  • Salt Testing
  • Chloride Testing
  • Nitrates Testing
  • Nitrites Testing
  • E Testing
  • Coli Testing
  • Salmonella Testing
  • Microbiology Testing

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