Documentary Plastics Alternatives Investigation and Labeling Claims Testing

Laboratory Test Request Description

Film Maker needs Independent Laboratory for investigation and labeling claims testing of three plastics products for documentary.

1st company: They claim all their products are 100% organic, 100% non toxic, no petrochemicals, compostable, safe to be ingested by marine life, no GMO, the owner dissolve the cassava bag in hot water and drink it, the cassava starch bag can be burned and will not be carcinogen or release any dioxin.

I have already test for bio-content astm D6866, the results came with 49% fossil carbon. I need to know more about these 49%. I have also tested for PVOH, the lab that did the test wasn't really helpful « There is not significant PVOH and more test need to be done». My source who did test PVOH with another lab came with way more accurate results. But I need to do those test under my name.

I would need to test by incineration a cassava starch bag for dioxin.
For the same cassava bag and PLA straw I would need also to test to determine any
-Additives: test for EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and others potentials additives
- plastifier: test for potential plastifier?
- polymers (I know there is no PP or PET in the bag) but I would like to test again for PVOH/PVA
- Test for ethylene maleat butyl acrylate also

2nd company: Claim it is from 100% renewable source and improve vital soil resources with composting the product.

Test for PLA cup - Additives: potential additives?
- plastifier: potential plastifier?
- polymers: potential polymers?

From a recent study, PLA as a level of toxicity high as PVC, I would like to know where its coming from and basically having test to prove theirs claims are false.


Number: 19-01849

Industry: Green and Organic Products

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