Characterization of Bioactive Glass

Laboratory Test Request Description

Medical Device Company needs Materials Laboratory for characterization of a bioactive glass sample according to ASTM F 1538 standard as well as quantitative chemical characterization of the sample ( Sio2, Cao, MgO, P205, and caf2) .
We would like to know if its possible to characterize our product:
- Quantitative chemical composition: (ASTM F1538 - 4.1_ determination of Sio2, Cao, MgO, P205, and caf2)
- Trace elements according to ASTM F1538 - 4.2
- Density (ASTM F1538 - 5.1.1- note 1)
- Surface area (ASTM F1538 - 5.1.5- BET method)
- XRD (ASTM F1538 - 5.1.1- to verify the amorphous structure)

Thanks in advance,
looking forward to hearing from you


Number: 19-01753

Industry: Glass

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