Geotextiles Long-Term Design Strength Testing

Laboratory Test Request Description

Contract Materials Laboratory needed for long-term design strength as per GRI-GT7 of Polyester Woven Geotextiles ranging from 50 kN/m to 600 kN/m in principal direction. There are about 8 varieties of this type. All these products are manufactured from same raw material and only differing in strength.

Long Term Design Properties for:
1. Creep Strength at 120yrs
2. Long Term Design Strength at 120yrs - Sand, gravel, coarse gravel : BBA soils

FSID-Factor Safety for Installation damage
FSCR-Factor Safety for Creep deformation (114yrs)
FSCD-Factor Safety for Chemical Degradation (4FSBD-Factor Safety for Biological degradation
FSJNT-Factor Safety for Joints
FSJNT-Factor Safety for Uncertainties.

In this regard, kindly advise on
1. Test availability and Test completion time
2. No. of samples and sample size
3. Cost involved to carry out these tests.

Request to quote for these tests.


Number: 21-03069

Industry: Geotextiles

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