Adhesive Strength Testing

Laboratory Test Request Description

Large shoe corporation needs Contract Laboratory for strength testing the green strength of the adhesive.


Number: 19-01754

Industry: Footwear and Shoe

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Other Footwear and Shoe testing, analysis, scientific research and development, inspection, certification, engineering, failure investigation, and product development needs include :

  • Complete Shoe Testing
  • Slip Testing
  • Durability Testing
  • Impact Testing
  • Total Lead Testing
  • Surface Coating/Paint Testing
  • PVC/Plastics Testing
  • Metals Testing
  • Phthalates Testing
  • Formaldehyde Testing
  • Heavy Metals Testing
  • Nickel Testing
  • Mercury Testing
  • Toxics Testing
  • Non-woven Testing
  • Abrasion Resistance Testing
  • Color-fastness Testing
  • Tear Strength Testing
  • Cracking Resistance Testing
  • Anti-Microbial Finish Testing
  • Anti-Fungal Finish Testing
  • Cracking Resistance Testing
  • Adhesion Testing
  • Flammability Testing
  • Fungicide Analysis Testing
  • Oil Repellency Testing
  • tear Strength Testing
  • Water Absorbency Testing
  • Wicking Testing
  • Breathability Testing
  • Safety Shoe Testing
  • Shoe Starp Attachment Strength Testing
  • Non-working Testing
  • Zipper Testing
  • Fastener Testing
  • Prespiration Testing
  • Thermal Regulation Testing
  • Stretch and Recovery Testing
  • Bonding Strength Testing
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) Testing
  • Anti-microbials Testing

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