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Laboratory Test Request Details

Floors and Flooring Test Request

Request: 16-01358

Status: Closed


Materials laboratory needed for independent third party testing of laminate flooring for

1) Test for ortho phthalate plasticizers

2) Following tests with relevant ASTM test parameters (for vinyl flooring)
- Stain and chemical test
- Static load limit
- Dimensional stability
- ASTM 648 - fire test
- ASTM 662 - smoke test

3) Following tests for EN / ISO parameters
i) ISO 10581: Homogeneous Flooring including all the sub standards
- ISO 10874 - this is part of 10581 (classification of use)
- EN 660-2: Abrasion Resistance

ii) Standards as per ISO 14041 (CE Mark)
- EN 13501-1: Fire standard
- ISO 11925: Fire standard
- EN 13893: Slip resistance
- EN 1815 / 1081: Electric resistance standards
- EN 717-1: Formaldehyde and PCP content testing
- ISO 16000-6: VOC Emission testing

iii) Additional Standards
- ISO 846, part A, part C: Fungi and Bacteria testing
- ISO 22196: Fungi testing
- ISO 26987 - EN 423: Chemical testing
- DIN 51130: Slip rating
- Pendulum test (British Standard) - BS 7976-2

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  • Carcinogens Testing
  • Blade Testing
  • Abrasion Testing
  • Cleanability Testing
  • Antimicrobial Activity Testing
  • Stain Resistance Testing
  • Liquid Penetration Testing
  • Vacuum Cleaner Performance Testing
  • Tensile Strength Testing
  • Light Stability Testing
  • Heat Stability Testing
  • Puncture Testing
  • CompresĀ­sion Strength Testing
  • Tear Resistance Testing
  • Breaking Strength Testing
  • Electrical Resistance Testing
  • Elongation Testing
  • Dynamic Coefficient of Friction DCOF Testing
  • Coefficient of Friction COF Testing
  • Skid Resistance Coefficient of Friction SCOF Testing

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