Covid-19 Rapid POC Medical Provider Billing

Laboratory Service Request Description

We are looking for a Medical Provider to partner with for our new contract with a University for Rapid POC antigen test. Our team is already administering these test everyday. We follow all CLIA guidelines when performing test at the university. We are seeking a partner because our lab we are using for all of our Covid-19 PCR testing accounts are not able to take the extra workload. We would be able to collect all patient info and Source all of the Rapid antigen tests as well as bill all patients if the partner is willing to teach us the basics. (we have previous experience billing with Lifepoint). In this partnership we are looking for Medical Provider who will work with us to get these patients billed through their clinic. (We have already begun testing at the University and are continuing to do so. We do not want to lose the contract so we would like to find a partner soon


Number: 22-00177

Industry: Financial

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