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Food Company would like to purchase the following for mushroom laboratory research:
So I need 1.Autocalve vertical 100Lt, and 200Lt. capacity. temperature 121 degree celceious
.2.Inoculation 4X3 feet & leminar air flow 4X3X2.
3.Air Purifier 5nos.
4. Rotary Shaker 3X16 flax 500ml.
5.Mushroom dryer large size.
6.Growing containers 10000 Nos.
7.Industrial Humidifire.
8.Culture storage refrigerator..
9.Hot air oven UV chamber.
10.Growing racks 20Pcs. SS.
11. Heppa filter/air ventilation inlet (grow room).
12.Heppa filter/ air ventilation outlet (grow room).



Number: 21-01518

Industry: Equipment and Instruments

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