Soil Testing for Geological Survey

Laboratory Test Request Description

Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing as part of a geological survey including the following tests.

1. Laboratory tests of determination of physical and mechanical proerties Parameter Specific gravity Bulk density Dry density Porosity Void ratio Moisture content Liquid limit Plastisity limit Plastisity index Liquidity index Degree of saturation Particle size distribution In situ analysis Uniformity coefficient Coefficient of gradation Shear strength parameters: peak cohesion angle of internal friction residual cohesion angle of internal friction Stress strain modulus for a pressure range 50 - 150 kPa 100 - 300 kPa 200 - 400 kPa Elastic modulus Longitudinal wave velocity Shear wave velocity Poisson?s ratio Relative swelling Swelling pressure

2. Results of laboratory tests of soil samples for triaxial testing in unconsolidated ? undrained (UUtest) V tf Shear strength parameters: peak- cohesion and angle of internal friction 3. Proctor?s method Parameter; Specific gravity; Liquid limit; Plastisity limit; Plastisity index; Degree of saturation; Optimum mosture content; Maximum dry density;

4. Results of tests of undisturbed soil samples for collapse of soil structure in water Bulk density, pn , g/cm3; initial moisture content, W0, %; moisture content of disintegrated sample, W?, %; Time for 50% disintegration of soil sample; Time for full disintegration of soil sample; 5. Results of laboratory tests of determination of physical and mechanical proerties of rock samples Parameter; Specific gravity; Bulk density; Dry density; Porosity; Void ratio; Moisture content; Degree of saturation; Unconfined compressive strength; Tensile strength;

6. Results of tests of rock samples for sensitivity in water Bulk density,pn, g/cm3; Initial moisture content,Wn, %; moisture content of watersaturated sample,W?, %; Unconfined compressive strength of dry sample, UCS0, MPa; Unconfined compressive strength of watersatu-rated sample, UCS?, MPa; Coefficient of disintegration, K=UCS?/UCS0;

7. Aggressiveness of the underground water and soils 8. Pollution at the soils

.Tanya Milanova ph.: +1758 721 9823 email: ; GP Group (St. Lucia) Ltd. St. Lucia, Gros Islet


Number: 18-00365

Industry: Environmental and Ecology

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