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Costume and Fine Jewelry Test Request

Request: 18-00844

Status: Closed


Jewelry Safety Testing


Consumer Products Laboratory needed for consumer product safety testing of jewelry items (necklaces, bracelets, rings) and their components to ensure compliance with the consumer product safety act as well as the Walmart safety testing standards.

We would need to have the following analysis' performed:
-Antimony: Surface Coating
-Arsenic: Surface Coating
-Barium: Surface Coating
-Cadmium (Substrates)
-Cadmium: Surface Coating
-Chromium: Surface Coating
-Lead Content (Substrates)
-Lead Content: Surface Coating
-Mercury: Surface Coating
-Selenium: Surface Coating

We need all the components tested in each item (lobster hook, chain extension, etc.)

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  • Testing

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