Wall Protection Systems and Expansion Joints Testing

Laboratory Test Request Description

Construction Laboratory needed for certification of wall protection systems and expansion joints to the following US testing standards :

We need following tests:
1. Fire Performance Characteristics.determined by UL-723 (ASTM E-84)
2. Self Extinguishing.ASTM D-635-74, Standard Test Method for Rate of Burning and/or Extent and Time of Burning of Self-Supporting Plastics in a Horizontal Position, as referenced in UBC 52-4-1988.
3. Impact Strength.Provide rigid vinyl profile materials that have an Impact Strength of 30.2 ft-lbs/ inch of thickness as tested in accordance with the procedures specified in ASTM D-256-90b, Impact Resistance of Plastics.
4. System Impact Resistance.Provide a handrail system that resists an impact of 45.5 ft-lbs while producing no visual blemishes upon the vinyl cover surface and no deformations in the aluminum retainers, as tested in accordance with applicable provisions of ASTM F 476-84, paragraph 18, Impact Test.
5. Chemical and Stain Resistance.Provide handrails that show resistance to stain when tested in accordance with applicable provisions of ASTM D-543.
6. GREENGUARD Certified.Provide GREENGUARD Certified material. Profiles shall meet the requirements of GREENGUARD Certification Standards for Low-Emitting Products and GREENGUARD Product Emission Standard for Children & Schools.
7. Fungal and Bacterial Resistance.Provide rigid vinyl that does not support fungal or bacterial growth as tested in accordance with ASTM G-21 and ASTM G-22.
8. Color Consistency.Provide components matched in accordance with SAE J-1545 - (Delta E) with a color difference no greater than 1.0 units using CIE Lab, CIE CMC, CIE LCh, Hunter Lab or similar color space scale systems.
9. EPA's approved list of disinfectant test ( Household Bleach (undiluted), Isopropyl Alcohol, Lysol®, Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, Clorox® Germicidal Bleach 8.25%, Spor-Klenz®). Expecting result should be: Successfully passed test and showed no change to the surface material or color. ?

We need to know how long it will take and what is our budget should be. We need to test each type of models even if they have same material or one type of model?


Number: 22-00078

Industry: Construction and Building

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