Laboratory Test Request Description

USA LABORATORY (Southwest USA Preferred)
USA Contract Laboratory needed for development of non-toxic silicon based fabric protectant . Product needs to be deformulated and and then reformulation in order to purchase in bulk.


Number: 20-02497

Industry: Coatings and Finishings

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Other coatings and finishings laboratory services.

Other Coatings and Finishings testing, analysis, scientific research and development, inspection, certification, engineering, failure investigation, and product development needs include :

  • Abrasion Testing
  • Contamination Testing
  • Failure Investigation Testing
  • Compositional Testing
  • Density Testing
  • Viscosity Testing
  • Drying Testing
  • Curing Testing
  • Chemical Analysis Testing
  • Content Testing
  • Identification Testing
  • Peeling Testing
  • Blistering Testing
  • Chalking Testing
  • Corrosion Resistance Testing
  • Reflectometry Testing
  • Adhesion Testing
  • Pigment Testing
  • Water in Paint Testing
  • Sag Resistance Testing
  • Comparison Testing
  • Absorption Testing
  • Hardness Testing
  • Density Testing
  • Color Testing
  • Extractables Testing
  • Identifications Testing
  • volatile organic compound (VOC) Testing
  • pigment content Testing
  • solids content Testing
  • sag resistance Testing
  • dry time Testing
  • toxic metals Testing
  • Viscosity Testing
  • Flexibility Testing
  • Immersion Testing
  • Dust Generation Testing
  • Particle Size Testing
  • Surface Profile Depth Testing
  • Oil Content Testing
  • Coating Performance Testing
  • Color Difference Testing
  • Gloss Retention Testing
  • Package Stability Testing
  • Resistance to Chipping Testing
  • Scrub Resistance Testing
  • Slip Resistance to Walking Testing
  • Slip Resistance to Working Testing
  • Panel Testing
  • Applied Coatings Testing
  • Chemical Spot Testing
  • Graffiti Resistance Testing
  • Scrub Resistance Testing
  • Solvent Resistance Testing
  • Testing

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