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Request: 19-01538

Status: Closed


Interventional Clinical Trial Study Urine Analysis


Pharmaceutical company needs Clinical Central Laboratory for an neuroscience interventional study (a non-drug study, where we are just planning on collecting urine samples from subjects) . The study will involve collection of urine samples from kids with ASD and kids of normal development. We are interested in understanding how metabolites in the urine (originating from the gut) vary with time, and differ between kids with ASD and normal development. For this study, we need a laboratory to serve as a central lab, providing labelled collection devices (expect about 900 samples in total), arranging for sample pick up (3x per week; samples will be at 4 C), and processing the urine samples (measuring total volume per sample and then prep 4 x 2 mL aliquots; to be stored at < -70 C). Samples aliquots will then be sent to our bioanalysis laboratories .

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