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Laboratory Test Request Details

Cell Lines and Cultures Test Request

Request: 16-02326

Status: Closed


GLP Compliant Laboratory needed for ongoing testing of regenerative drug development (Cell Therapy Hellas)
Test for:
1. HIV (anti-HIV (I/II), negative <1.0)
2. Human T-Lymphotropic virus I and II
3. Cytomegalovirus (antibodies for cytomegalovirus IgG, negative ,6.0 AU/ml; antibodies for cytomegalovirus IgM, negative 0.9 IV)
4. Epstein-Bar virus (antibodies for Epstein-Barr IgG, negative 0.19 AU/ml; antibodies for Epstein-Barr IgM, negative 0.19 AU/ml; antibodies EBV-NA IgG, negative <0.91)
5. Hepatitis C (antibodies for hepatitis C, negative <1.0)
6. HBV (HBsAg & anti-HBC)

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