USA EPA Approval for Two Disinfectant / Sanitizer Products (1 Spray / 1 Fogger)

Laboratory Test Request Description

Contract Laboratory needed for testing to support EPA approval for two products. The products are a disinfectant / sanitizer aerosol spray and a disinfectant / sanitizer aerosol fogger. There are two sizes: 4.06oz and 13.5oz. The intended use for the spray is for surfaces and on skin. For the fogger it would be for closed areas such as a room, cars etc. The active ingredient is ethanol (CAS no. 64-17-5) - aprox 70-80%. The other chemicals are Benzalkonium Chloride (CAS no. 8001-54-5) - <5% and Hydrocarbon Aerosol Propellant (CAS 106-97-8 / 74-98-6) - aprox 20-30%. These products are to be imported from South Africa. They are manufactured and scientifically developed in an ISO9001:2015 factory, tested and certified and meet the standards for the country as well as EU standards. We have the data sheets and lab results for the viruses, bacteria and funguses that they eliminate that we can share with you. They have been tested and passed the requirements for EN 1276, En 1650, EN 13704, EN 13726, EN 13624. How do we go about getting EPA approval for the active ingredient so that we can put this on the labels?


Number: 20-01975


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