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Laboratory Test Request Details

Test Request

Request: 08-0892

Status: Closed


China/Canada lab needed for CAN/CGSB-4.2-M: Textile Test Methods:
No. 5.1-M: Mass of fabrics
No. 6-M: Woven Fabric Count
No. 18.3-M: Textiles-Test for Colourfastness PART B02:
Colourfastness to artificial light: XENON ARC FADING LAMP TEST
No. 19.1-M: Colourfastness to washing
No. 22-M colourfastness to Crocking, Dry & Wet
Fiber: 100%
Size of yarn: 105-130 tex (5.4 - 4.75's cotton count, 2 ply
Weave: Leno Weave (Body)
Plain weave 1 x 1 )stabilizing bars)
Yarn Count for Leno Weave:
warp 33/10 cm (Greige Stage)
Weft: 35/10 cm (Greige Stage)
Finish: Pre=shrunk
Pre-shrinking process must be applied prior to determining the results of the following properties
including CAN/CGSB 4.1 Textile Test Methods
Mass: 285 g/m2- (minus)10% tolerance
Clor Pantone No. 19-4052TP TP-Textiles (Classic Blue)

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