Laboratory Test Request Description

Electrical laboratory needed for validation of energy achieved testing for Self-Sustaining Energy Process

Supplies needed:

- Hydrogen (gas)
- Oxygen (gas)
- Water
- Round container with two injection ports
- Device for measuring energy

We require a lan who can test our formula
immediately and validate it for public announcement.

I have included the objective of our formula, hypothesis and our expected results. If possible, I would like to be on-site during testing and have the experiment video taped for later education & production.

We have filed a provisional patent with the U.S. Patent &
Trademark Office (# 60946313) and will require a signed (standard USPTO) NDA.


Is to provide a safe and nonpolluting energy source for the
world; thereby eliminating carbon dioxide emissions from
the atmosphere.


The energy of creation at the center of all known and unknown quanta is only reached through the creative structure of hydrogen and its vapors. Thus, water becomes the starter for this demonstrable leap in energy, and through the balance of its ingredients to a harmonic completion; we reach the unified field and produce a cold fusion energy source.


If you want to access the energy generated from this experiment, you will need a port to use the energy
after the reaction has occurred. The reaction will be a clouding up and misting ofthe contents. This will take a little time, and then yu will start to see a golden tinge to the outside of the cloudy area. After this happens, the energy will start to be generated and the area will turn clear.


Number: 07-1603


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