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Contract Laboratory needed for stainless steel disc experiment: surface tension testing of liquids that have been exposed to a subtle energy technology with no chemical additives to the liquids. Testing liquids are distilled water and tap water. I will provide two stainless steel discs three inches in diameter. One disc is stainless steel and the second disc is gold plated stainless steel. Discs must remain at least 15 feet away from test liquids at all times until testing begins. New and unused rings will be installed before testing begins. Protocols 1. Distilled water is tested for baseline surface tension. 2. Testing container is removed and placed at least three feet from surface tension meter. 3. Gold Plated disc is placed below surface tension ring. 4. Testing container for distilled water is placed on gold plated disc. 5. Ring inserted into water after testing container has been on disc for one minute. 6. Surface tension level is tested every minute for the first five minutes. 7. Surface tension level is tested every five minutes 20 minutes. The above steps are repeated for tap water and the plain stainless steel disc treating the distilled and tap waters. Your final report will also include your certification that all protocols were followed as stated above. What is cost of completing these tests? I prefer that you do not research or know any aspects about the characteristics and history of the discs before the testing takes place.


Number: 16-00083


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