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Materials Laboratory needed for certification testing of PIR Rigid cold insulation,
PIR (Polyisocynurate) foam segments are high-quality insulating materials with excellent properties
and are supplied in pipe sections and slabs. Other types available on request. Standard densities are
50 (PIR), other densities are also available.
PIR are used extensively on equipment and piping operating at lower temperatures in power stations,
marine vessels, petrochemical plants, oil refineries etc.
No. Properties Standard Unit Value(for
1 Density ASTM D 1622 kg/m3 50 ± 1%
2 Compressive strength 10% deflection ASTM D 1621 kpa 300
3 Tensile Strength ASTM D 1623 kpa 280
4 Closed cell ASTM D 2856 % Min. 90
5 Thermal conductivity
After 5 months of stabilization ASTM C 518 Kcal/hm° C 0.020
6 Friability (@ 10 min.) ASTM C 421 % ? 9 ± 1
7 Water absorption ASTM D 2842 max % by vol. ?5
8 Water vapour transmission
At 23°C and 85% RH ASTM E 96 g/m2 @24 H 30 + 10
Dim. stability @70 deg C& 97% R.H.
Change in Thickness
Change in Length
Change in Width
ASTM D 2126 max change%
10 Fire Properties (flame spread) ASTM E84 max ? mm Max. 25
11 Operation Temperature ?? (°C) ?180 to +120
12 Hot Surface ASTM C 411 pass Pass


Number: 15-01728


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