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Agriculture Genetics Laboratory needed for Genetics Molecular Marker Research Study on root-forming legume from the genus Pachyrhizus to investigate the genetic diversity existing in some available accessions in sight to further breeding programs using molecular markers. Unfortunately there is a very few works to date using molecular markers concerning that crop. We have found until now a work in it including the screening of 8 primer-pairs for AFLP analysis (Santayana, M. et al, 2014: published in Tropical Plant Biol.) and isolation of 17 SSRs in one species of the genus ((DelĂȘtre et al., 2013) within the genome. We are very interested in knowing the custom prices if you should conduct molecular surveys (Isozymes, RAPD, AFLP, SSRs, ISSR, RFLP, SNPs, and other DNA analysis investigations) for us. All species of that genus are diploids (2n=22). You should send to us then the costs you will estimate, so that we can examine whether it might be possible for us to support that. We have gotten used to the CTAB method for DNA extraction; but if you possess an else easier, efficient and rapid extration protocoll, please inform us about the cost per accession (as far as we should have 4 to 8 samples from each accession). You may include the DNA extraction costs in your estimation. The work will be done on only few samples (about 50 to 70). Tthe project will start from the end from next march 2016


Number: 15-01484


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