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Request: 14-00751

Status: Closed


Europe analytical chemistry laboratory needed methane pyrolysis unit is to be tested with GC-MS for gas analysis and solid carbon for an analytical challenge We are supposed to assess the influence of different contaminants in the gas stream on the reactor performance and reaction products.

This means that we require analysis of the outlet gas composition and also analysis of the species adsorbed on the carbon catalyst from the reactor. The inlet (carrier) gas compositions is: carbon dioxide (up to 2-4 % vol or 33-66 g/m3) water vapor (up to 5,2 g/m3 or 30% RH at 20 C) N2: up to 28% vol or 327 g/m3 CH4: rest (> 67% vol or > 447 g/m3).

The list of contaminants is: Ethanol: 11 ppmv Carbon disulphide: 11 ppmv Tetrahydrofuran: 3 ppmv 2-methyl-2-butene 3 ppmv Toluene: 3 ppmv. In case of concentrations of contaminants being hard to measure, we can increase them to improve the quality of measurements. Also, it may be possible to remove one or two contaminants if they seem hard to analyze. The gas described above enters the pyrolysis reactor (filled with carbon catalyst) and reacts at a temperature between 800 and 1000 C. Resulting gas mixture is cooled down and can be sampled (also the eventual condensate). After the test is completed, the species present in carbon from the reactor also need to be analyzed. It is possible to install an absorber on the outlet stream if liquid / solid samples are easier to handle.

We are looking for a lab that can, after some discussions, perform the analysis of samples for us (10-15 gas samples (or samples from an absorber) + 5-7 carbon samples) within reasonably short time after the samples are received (1-2 weeks), terms of payment to be discussed. An indication of the most appropriate analysis and their approx. price will be very useful. Looking forward to you answer. 0

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