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Plastics Laboratory needed for Quality COntrol Testing, acrylic testing of acrylic used for the see-through tank wall of a new shark tank to be installed within a new world class aquarium under construction in the Salt Lake City area. The manufacturer is a Chinese firm providing their own quality control testing data. We would like to obtain indpendent testing results of some key material parameters to verify. We can provide samples of their acrylic. The parameters to be tested are:
Density (D792)
Modulus of Elasticity (D790)
Tensile Strength (D638)
Flexoral Strength (D790)
Elongation at Break (D638)
Impact Strength - Izod and Charpy (D256)
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity (C177)
Deflection Temperature (D648)
Softening Point - Venig (D1525)
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (D696)
Refractive Index (D542)
Light Transmittance & Turbidity/Haze (D1003/A)
Resistance to acids/bases (poor/medium/good)
Resistance to chlorous/non-chlorous solvents (poor/medium/good)
Water absorption rate and max increase in weight (ISO62m.1)

Medium molecular weight
Flame propagation (D635/63)
Igniting temp (D93)
Autoignition temp (DIN 51794)
Flammability Class (DIN4102)
Smoke density (NBS)
Dielectric Strength (D149)
Volume and Surface Resistivity (D257)
Dielectric Constant (D150)


Number: 12-0594


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